Trekking and Hiking

The trekking or hiking, is an appropriate activity for anyone at any age and is a journey on foot through remote and rarely visited sites. Helps keep your body in shape, is a great way to improve health and lose weight while allowing you to enjoy nature. For the practice of this sport just needs a pair of shoes, clothes suitable for the site, a backpack to carry the basic tools and a desire to enjoy the walk, we must remember that each person can carry a maximum until 20 percent of their weight to avoid back pain and waist.

Data of interest

  • Difficulty:From easy to very difficult (1-9)
  • Altitude:Undefined
  • Travel:Undefined
  • Minimum age:None
  • Duration:Undefined
  • Season:All year
  • Equipment used:- Boots
  •   - Bonnet
  •   - Sunglasses with UV filter
  •  - Mini kit
  •   - Canteen
  •  - Compass
  •   - Map



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Trekking in Ecuador

The trek has several variables, including the difficulty of the route, which will change depending on the route, the same can be preset or not, depending on his adventurous spirit and the physical condition you have, but if anything they have in common all types of trekking is an adventure and enjoyment of a protected natural area.

The diverse topography, climate and flora that Ecuador has to offer allows the trekker to choose from a variety of terrain and climate (mountains, forests, jungles, rivers), from crowded places with good infrastructure to wild and unexplored places.

Trekking in Ecuador can be practiced throughout the year. There are several sites earmarked for this activity, protected areas are located throughout the country as National Parks. These areas, in some cases managed by the state and others through private concessions, have the advantage of providing, to those hikers, interesting places to visit, and information, signage, marking of trails and areas safer for travel.

When practice is necessary to know terkking observe certain safety and environmental standards. There are several basic rules to follow, relating to the environment can be done. A key is not to alter the environment in which people find themselves doing the trekking, camping around as little as possible to avoid disturbing the flora, fauna or the environment in general. The hiker must understand that it is a guest in a natural environment and should take care, must also take care of yourself to any risk that is present.

Ecuador Adventure Activities, Trekking and Hikings



Ecuador Adventure Activities, Trekking and Hikings



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