Tour to Devil’s Nose

The Devil's Nose is a majestic piece of engineering, unique in the world, located 2346 meters above the sea, by its peculiar form zig-zag to a height of 1900 m like giant snakes coiled the restless sleep and lovely tracks once were part of a larger rail system in Ecuador



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$. 120
$. 130
$. 140
$. 160
$. 210


Data of interest

  • Departs from:Hotel in Quito
  • Duration:2 days
  • Departure time:10:00


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Day 1

Departure from Quito through the Avenue of the Volcanoes to Riobamba, admiring the beautiful Andean landscapes. If time allows look at some volcanoes and glaciers such as Cotopaxi, Antisana, Tungurahua and Chimborazo, also pass through any Indian market and see the colonial cities of Ambato and Latacunga. At our arrival we transfer to Riobamba for a small hotel for rest.

Afternoon free for independent activities.

Day 2

We got up very early and after breakfast, we prepare to spend an unforgettable day on track. We will go to the train station, in order to go the route called the Devil's Nose is one of the most beautiful for its scenery, is a railroad that offers a great adventure on board. During his trip will pass through a myriad of small villages located in the mountains and vast territories.

On reaching the village of Alausí begins electrifying descent down the Devil's Nose. The train descends 800 meters in the zig-zag of the rock formation which, because of its difficulty and form, was named with this allusion to the devil. This decrease can feel the change of climate from the highlands to the coast. After five hours of travel, watching the amazing Andean landscapes and the volcano Chimborazo, return by train to Riobamba and then to Quito.


It recommended lead

Warm clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, binoculars and good walking shoes.

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Tour to Devil’s Nose, Route Map


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