Rafting is one of the most popular adventure sports, and is basically down mountain rivers of white water in inflatable boats or rafts that have no motor. The boat is washed away, while crew members control it with their oars. This exciting sport requires no previous experience in the tours for beginners, the only requirement is knowing how to swim. Because some rivers with low water temperatures, is necessary to use wet suits to insulate it from cold and moisture as falls are not unusual and in some rivers there are rocks, it is essential to wear a helmet and jacket.

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  • Difficulty:Class II - IV
  • Altitude:Undefined
  • Travel:Undefined
  • Minimum age:None
  • Duration:Undefined
  • Season:All year
  • Equipment used:- Rubber raft
  •   - Pala or rowing
  •   - Life jacket
  •  - neoprene clothing and footwear
  •   - Helmet



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Rafting in Ecuador

LThe rivers are ideal for this sport are those with sections of different levels, thus allowing both amateurs and experts to meet their needs. Rivers must have a rich flow and a proper slope without too steep waterfalls. If you also are in a particularly beautiful natural setting will make your experience unforgettable.

In rafting, rivers are classified according to difficulty, ranging from 2-6 degrees, the risk is low to high.

Beginner: Class II: Direct Fast wide and clear channels which are evident without scouting.

Intermedio: Clase III: Rápidos con olas moderadas e irregulares que pueden ser difíciles de evitar y que pueden hundir una canoa abierta.

Advanced: Class IV: Fast Intense, powerful but predictable requiring precise boat control in rough water.

Expert: Class V. Quick extremely long, violent and unobstructed that expose risks on average. The slopes waves and holes may contain large, unavoidable steep falls with demanding and complex routes.

End: Class VI. One grade more difficult Class V This class exemplifies the extremes of difficulty, unpredictability and danger. The consequence of errors are very severe and rescue may be impossible. For teams of experts with adequate water levels and taking all precautions. This class represents not impossible but if those drops are made only occasionally.

The family rafting be practiced either on a journey through calm waters, or for those who like excitement, provided by waterfalls, and fast descents with a greater degree of difficulty.

El Ecuador cuenta con varios ríos para aquellas personas que disfrutan de los deportes acuáticos con una cuota de aventura. Estos ríos se abren camino a través de espectaculares gargantas, cañones, valles y selvas, dejando atrás a cientos de kilómetros de espectaculares aguas blancas de clase mundial que se alimentan en el río Amazonas.

In Ecuador, it can go rafting throughout the year, especially in the east, with warm tropical waters and excellent accessibility, making it an unrivaled whitewater destination that you can not miss.

In places like Baños, Santo Domingo, Mindo and in the Oriente, you will find unparalleled class rivers where you can implement your adventurous spirit.

Ecuador Adventure activities, Rafting



Ecuador Adventure activities, Rafting



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