For those who enjoy the water activities, kayaking is the ideal choice. This sport can develop both in freshwater rivers and at sea, and is the best way to maintain direct contact with nature. The kayak is a small boat, deck, rather wide and elongated bow and stern, which will go all waters, propelled by a paddle. There are many forms of practice and of difficulty, including rapid river, sea navigation and exploration in lakes.

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  • Difficulty:Beginner / Moderate
  • Altitude:Undefined
  • Travel:Undefined
  • Minimum age:None
  • Duration:Undefined
  • Season:All year
  • Equipment used:- Kayak
  •   - Pala or rowing
  •   - Life jacket
  •  - Helmet
  •   - Whistle



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Kayaking in Ecuador

The origin of the kayak back to the Eskimos. They manufactured these boats stranded in the sea timber and seal skin and used to fish and hunt.

Kayaking offers great benefits, so that every day there are more followers who practice it as a sport to keep fit. You must have developed biceps to strong and some paddle endurance if you just want to recored long distances.

Nature always has areas inaccessible from the ground and for larger boats and kayaks which can be accessed only by allowing to discover and admire the scenery from a different point.

This activity can play anyone at any age, it is sufficient training, safety measures and choose the right place for each level and purpose.

In Ecuador there are countless coastal inlets, lakes, rivers and bays that offer extraordinary beauty scenarios to practice Kayak with various levels of difficulty.

In the Galapagos Islands is very unusual to see tourists doing is kayaking or sea kayaking, the spectacle offered by crystal clear waters is unsurpassed due to the diversity of species can be observed. Here you can sail close to sharks, sea turtles, sea lions, stingrays, fish and a variety of seabirds.

The country can kayak ever, due to the normal flow of rivers throughout the year. The warm tropical climate of Ecuador is another factor by which the practice of kayaking is very popular, attracting thousands of enthusiastic local and foreign tourists eager to enjoy the adrenaline sport offered.

If you want to learn this discipline can hire expert guides that will teach you the basics of navigation techniques and escort for safety in the first descents.

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