The camping is an activity that takes place outdoors, near trees and living closely with the natural environment. Spend one or more nights in a tent, is for people who feel a real attraction for nature, a time of full espace because of the wonders it offers, apart from disadvantages such as mosquitoes, fatigue assemble and disassemble a tent, or the time it takes to find firewood and water. The most stunning wild and therefore quieter sites, located away from the bustle citizen, are preferred by those who decide to camp.

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  • Difficulty:Beginner / Moderate
  • Altitude:Undefined
  • Travel:Undefined
  • Minimum age:None
  • Duration:Undefined
  • Season:All year
  • Equipment used:- Carp
  •   - Sleeping bag
  •   - Inflatable Mattresses
  •  - Blankets
  •   - First aid kit



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Camping in Ecuador

For those who truly enjoy the camping most important thing is to choose a good camping area, because without proper planning you may end up in a place not fit for purpose. The ideal place must be on a flat and firm, without stones or bushes, where you assemble your tent without any difficulty.

Before leaving camp is necessary to take into account some basic tools that you should always have: water, fire, shelter and food. A first aid kit is also completely necessary.

Ecuador es un país con diversidad de climas y paisajes, lo que lo hace un destino ideal para quienes gustan del camping. Se puede acampar en muchos sitios como playas, Parques Nacionales y bosques protegidos, en áreas que han sido destinadas y adaptadas para el efecto.

Here are some of the places where you can go camping.

Curiurcu (Baños, Tungurahua)

A few km from the beautiful city of Baños, is Curiurcu, a place, quiet and comfortable, where you will enjoy a memorable stay with friends or family of an extraordinary natural environment.

Specially created for people who love the outdoors, the birds chirping and the sounds of the jungle.

Places for campers who visit the site, are well distributed over a large area located directly on the site, no roads, no roads brought.

Seven Waterfalls

Seven Waterfalls is a lodge which has a camping area with capacity for 40 people located in the green province of Esmeraldas, is a paradise, where you can share special moments in your cloud forest surrounded by stunning waterfalls and trails, lush vegetation.

Galápagos camping

A different way to enjoy your stay in the Galapagos Islands is camping, an experience that has ever lived, worthy of the discerning travelers in Galapagos camping will also have all the amenities and is surrounded by a landscape without equal.

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