Payments & Cancellations

Procedures for use our services

1. EcosTravel, Inc. receive your request for travel services to Ecuador through the online reservation system on our website or call our Central Reservations. When you make your reservation you will receive our written confirmation e-mail directly supplied to the effect, which must be maintained in all correspondence.

2. Our sales agents are responsible for verifying the availability of the services you requested with our suppliers in Ecuador. By email you will receive confirmation of their preservation and prices of services as hotel accommodation, transfers, tickets, or their packages or any other service. If your request can not be confirmed we will suggest alternatives for similar services.

3. After you confirm your satisfaction with the booking details, we will send the proof that your reservation is confirmed, and payment procedures in "How to Pay. "

4. The prices of our services are always referred to in U.S. dollars.

Telephone EcosTravel Quito: (593) (2) 255 3953 - (593) (2) 255 9654

E-mail: central@ecostravel.com

Payment Instructions

In keeping with our policy to pay for the booking will usually be 60% of the total, it is possible to book some services that is requested full payment for services requested and must be made before the date specified in the confirmation message availability of services requested. If you reside outside of Ecuador can make a direct transfer to our account the same will be provided via e-mail once confirmation of services required.

After making the deposit or full payment, you must send via e-mail scan the deposit slip or transfer made.

Upon arrival in Ecuador, a representative of our EcosTravel, will be waiting for you at the airport to assist you with details of your reservation. You will identify our representative for carrying our ID.

Once in Ecuador are at your disposal for any eventuality that may arise and of course welcome in our office in Quito.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations will be accepted 30 days before the date set for the tour and your deposit will be refundable administrative costs. If you cancel between 30 and 15 days will be refunded 50% of the deposit. If the passenger cancels his trip at a date closer to 15 days there shall be no refund.

Changes to the cancellation

Be accepted than one change per reservation, the following will be charged $ 10.00 each.

Variations in Tours and Services

The tour operator reserves the right to change the order of routes if necessary to improve its service. If circumstances beyond our control and not allow us to meet the original schedule provided.

If there are changes in the itinerary for the express passenger, all additional costs incurred because of the changes will be paid by them. All decisions regarding any change in itinerary will be at the discretion of the guide.

The Company disclaims any responsibility for delays, advances or cancellations by airlines or other transportation agency that may cause an alteration in the itinerary. The expenses that may incur due to this will be covered directly by customers.

If the number of passengers does not reach a minimum of people to provide services, for any justifiable reason, the operator is obliged to cancel the tour. Customers have the right to demand a full refund of tour cost.

In the event that any member of a group is visiting the country and show bad behavior, breaking the rules of reservation and / or safety, the guide will have all the authority to refuse to provide services to that person. The only responsibility of the Agency will refund the equivalent of the unused part of the tour.


Requests for returns of unused services must reach our office within 30 days after the journey of the passengers, after research that the services were not used for repayment.

In some cases, refunds will be subject to administrative and cancellation charges. For weather conditions, safety, natural disasters, earthquakes, acts of war of terrorism, force majeure or other acts beyond our control, we reserve the right to modify any pre-set schedule or stop services without refund anyone.

No refund for unused services values involuntarily.

Rates for Children

Be considered as children who are 3 to 11 years, who must always pay for land services. The hotel services depend on the hotel. Infants, ie children under 3 years old may share parent's room at no additional cost, as land nor pay for services.

Food, tickets and baggage

Tickets to both parks, museums, entertainment, food and air tickets will be included in the final price, provided they are specified in the itinerary of the package.

And alcoholic beverages are not included in our packages.

When starting a business or a circuit is allowed one suitcase and a handbag for every single person to address the transport units, if you want to enter additional baggage that could have an extra charge, it will be billed directly requiring passenger service.

Tips to porters at airports and hotels are not included in our packages.


All our guides are bilingual (English-Spanish). In the case of guides require knowledge of another language, you must request this service in the reserve, it is subject to a fee that is detailed in the booking confirmation.


In all our tours and transport services, passengers will be transported in mini vans up to 10 passengers or bus in the case of larger groups, in case it is required and on request we may be transported in private or in limo . The units feature all the comforts needed for a safe trip.


The operator expressly states that, unless instructed otherwise, is only an intermediary between passengers and the entities that run the services specified in the itinerary, such as hotels, restaurants, yachts, etc.

As agents, all tickets, exchange orders or vouchers are issued directly to the passenger and are subject to conditions or terms according to the transport companies, accommodation or other services offered or provided.

In this way the organizer declines any liability for deficiency in any of the services offered, the same way for injury, damage, accident, delay or irregularities that may arise during the services offered to passengers or their belongings. When traveling through a vehicle leased or owned by the organizer, the traveler is bound by local laws regarding accidents and therefore waives any right that could be applicable. 

The payment of any compensation in case of accidents, belong exclusively to insurance companies. Therefore exclude any liability of third parties such as air carriers or sea carriers, etc..

Shipping lines involved in these tours are not held responsible for any act, omission or irregularity that may occur while passengers are in these units or transfers for services that they provide. 

The booking agents, airlines involved and general agents are not responsible for vehicles that have been provided by third parties, businesses and corporations who have completed or failed to comply with previous agreements, or by the negligent conduct of third parties. The company or corporation in providing services or breach is not responsible for any act, omission or event when passengers are transported. The passenger's contract with the airline used, must be the only contract between booking agent, general agent airline and the purchaser of these and other passengers.


We recommend you order one of our sales agents to hire travel insurance.

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