The Wetlands, Galapagos Ecuador

Los Humedales are a complex trail of 6km long, located south of Isabela Island, Galapagos. They have a wide variety of flora and fauna, as well as the spectacular scenery of the bay, the town of Puerto Villamil, volcanoes, islets and rocks. Isabela wetlands present both themselves and introduced species.

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Information of The Wetlands

The Wetlands is a network of trails, adjacent to Puerto Villamil. There are nine tracks that comprise the following sites: The Wall of Tears, Cerro Orchilla, El Estero, Poza Escondida, Poza Redonda, Tunnel del Estero, Playa del Amor, Bay of Tunis and Pozas Verdes, La Playita and Cemetery.

In Isabela Island can be found Coastal wetlands and marine wetlands.

The Wetlands are coastal mangroves and brackish water lagoons formed by seepage of seawater and freshwater underground tributaries coming from the upper parts of the island. They are also an important feeding area for the Galapagos penguin and one of the main nesting sites for green turtles.

Marine wetlands in the bay of Puerto Villamil is protected from waves by lava flows and islets as a natural breakwater, which forms an area of calm water, sandy bottom of organic origin and certain parts with rocky substrates.

Usually remain crystalline waters, its shallow depth and the absence of the mouths of rivers or other sources that carry materials in suspension.

The wetlands of Isabela Island are essential for the maintenance of biological diversity of Galapagos, as home to several species that depend exclusively on the wetland in order to fulfill their life cycle, flamenco, Bug, stilt, oystercatcher, Gallinula, ghost crab, and fiddler crabs.

There is also one of the most extensive mangrove areas of the archipelago, contributing significantly to the conservation of island biodiversity.

The Wetlands Galapagos


Map The Wetlands, Galapagos Ecuador

Map of The Wetlands, Galapagos Ecuador



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