San Rafael Waterfall Ecuador

The San Rafael Waterfall is one of the most impressive waterfalls of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Located on the border of the provinces of Napo and Sucumbios, en route to Nueva Loja, 25 km from the city of Tena and about 61 km from Baeza. The waterfall has a drop of over 150 meters, formed by the descent of the Coca river. La Cascada San Rafael is surrounded by a landscape filled with tropical vegetation.

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  • Province:Napo
  • Sector:Northeast
  • Address:30 km from the city of Tena
  • Schedule of attentionDaily
  • Cost of revenue:5 USD



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Information of San Rafael Waterfall

The San Rafael Waterfall is considered one of the largest in Ecuador and is surrounded by thick vegetation which makes them a wonderful scenery.

To reach the waterfall, take the road Quito - Nueva Loja. After walking half an hour from the road to the waterfall, and the way you can see a rich flora and take a swim in small crystalline waterfalls.

The force of the waterfall is heard observing fifteen minutes before and is manifested by a sound that slowly PTO. There is a path to a viewing environment, but can get to the bottom of the cliff and watch the front and a few meters, the impressive leap from the water.

The cascading water is clean, clear and transparent, was born in the confluences of rivers Quijos and Salado, this beautiful and impressive waterfall is 160 meters high and 14 meters wide. The average temperature is 20 º C.

The route of this beautiful area offers a spectacular waterfall that includes three smaller jumps and a little faster. A more scenic resource, the site is possible to observe a large variety of birds, often the cock of the rock and occasionally pork Sahin, chichico, X, spectacled bear, deer, cervicabra, Monomachine, puma, among others.

The flora of San Rafael Waterfall takes features from the Amazon forest, where you can find a primary and secondary vegetation. Plant species that can be observed are sacha lay sister tacuta, alder, Ahuano guarango ground, guarumo, yellow cedar, walnut, cinnamon, palm, olive, Yagual, among many other species.

The San Rafael Waterfall offers tourists and extrageros the possibility of undertaking activities such as hiking or climbing or enjoyment of the rich fauna and flora with which nature delights us in this area.

San Rafael Waterfall Ecuador


Map San Rafael Waterfall Ecuador

Map of San Rafael Waterfall Ecuador



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