Alieri Hill, Galapagos Ecuador

Alieri Hill is located east of Puerto Velasco Ibarra, Floreana Island, reaching an altitude of 340 m. During a walk around the hill you can see one by vegetation: most plant species are endemic and are of great interest to botanists.

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  • Province:Galapagos
  • Sector:South
  • Address:Floreana Island
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Information of Alieri Hill

The Alieri Hill has has a great variety of vegetation. Of 48 species identified, 56% are native and 33% are endemic.

During a tour of two hours (round trip) can be seen darwiniothamnus shrubs and trees tenuifolius, Lippia salicifolia, Lecocarpus pinnatifidus, linum scalesia cratericola and pedunculata, etc. The latter is a tree that blooms in February and whose population is estimated at 15 individuals. Settlers long knew him as "the unknown tree" and was an abundant species 50 years ago.

He is currently in danger of disappearing, it is believed that the probable cause of its decline are the goats and the fact that the population is used in home construction.

Another of the most representative plant is Linum cratericola Alieri Hill, a species that is critically endangered, found only 40 individuals have not yet been regenerated. She was believed extinct until 1997, when it was rediscovered by the Galapagos National Park staff.

To get to Cerro Alieri vehicle travel is required for 15 minutes on the main road of Floreana. The road may be muddy and sometimes rain.

Floreana Island has two seasons and the dry season from June to December drizzle. Temperatures vary between 18 and 20 º C. The hot and rainy season is from January to May. Temperatures vary between 24 and 29 º C.

Alieri Hill Galapagos


Map Alieri Hill, Galapagos Ecuador

Map Alieri Hill, Galapagos Ecuador



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