Piqueros Patas Azules Lodge, Guayaquil Ecuador
3 stars

Data of interest

  • Single room:$ 28.80 USD
  • Double room:$ 42 USD
  • Triple room:$ 52.80 USD
  • Taxes and services:Included
  • Breakfast:No included
  • Transportation:Not included
  • Sector:North
  • Address:Rio Chico - Puerto Lopez
  • Capacity:42 people
  • Rooms:12 rooms
  • Restaurant:Available
  • Wireless Internet:Not available
  • Parking:Available
  • Gym:Not available
  • Meetings room:Not available
  • Business center:Available
  • Laundry:Available
  • Phone:Available
  • Safety boxes:Not available



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Information of Piqueros Patas Azules Lodge

Piqueros Patas Azules Lodge is located in the area of Rio Chico in Puerto Lopez, 3 hours from the city of Guayaquil. This inn has beautiful modern facilities surrounded by palm trees, gardens and outdoor showers original.

The impeccable service is responsible for providing all the necessary amenities to make your stay a memorable and enjoyable.

It also has its own restaurant, where you can enjoy a wide variety of dishes prepared with fresh local seafood, accompanied by a refreshing natural fruit drink.


All cottages and rooms in the Inns blue-footed boobies are inspired by the eco-architecture and vernacular designs. Fully furnished equipped with all the amenities needed for a completely comfortable stay and direct views to the sea.

The beauty and comfort of the cottages create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Piqueros Patas Azules Lodge Guayaquil


Map Piqueros Patas Azules Lodge, Guayaquil Ecuador

Piqueros Patas Azules Lodge Guayaquil, mapa



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