Hotel Marakaya, Manglaralto Beach Santa Elena
3 stars

Data of interest

  • Single room:$ 18 USD
  • Double room:$ 32 USD
  • Triple room:$ 46 USD
  • Taxes and services:Not included
  • Breakfast:Not included
  • Transportation:Not included
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Manglaralto - Santa Elena
  • Capacity:20 people
  • Rooms:6 rooms
  • Restaurant:Available
  • Wireless Internet:Not available
  • Parking:Available
  • Gym:Not available
  • Meetings room:Not available
  • Business center:Not available
  • Laundry:Available
  • Phone:Available
  • Safety boxes:Not available



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Information of Hotel Marakaya

Marakaya Hotel is a beautiful property located in Manglaralto, in the province of Santa Elena, just munutos of Montanita, within the majestic Pacific Ocean, which has the ideal facilities to enjoy an unforgettable holiday

In this paradise will be in direct contact with nature, which will provide an atmosphere of peace and tranquility that will be your total satisfaction.


Marakaya Hotel offers a pleasant and comfortable, restful rooms, all with air conditioning, private bathroom, hot shower and fan.

Hotel Marakaya, Manglaralto Santa Elena


Map Manglaralto Beach, Sata Elena Ecuador

Santa Elena, Manglaralto Beach

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