La Rinconada beach, Santa Elena

La Rinconada beach is located in the Bosque Protector Colonche at the top of Santa Elena, dry forest climate has Pre - Montano. It is a wide beach with soft sands and gray, and moderate swell, the waters show a color that goes from blue to green is ideal for swimming, sunbathing and watch the sunset. Surrounded by coconut palms, is suitable for a multitude of activities.

Data of interest

  • Region: Coast
  • Province:Santa Elena
  • Latitud:0° 21' 03.28" N
  • Length:80° 01' 48.49" O
  • Climate:24º C a 32º C
  • Population:-
  • Foundation:-
  • Mayor:-
  • Postcode:EC241702
  • Phone code:593 4
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:-
  • Distance from Guayaquil:140 km. approx.
  • Distance from Quito:450 km. approx.



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Information of La Rinconada beach

Is a sandy beach Magna where you can see shelly weathered conglomerates, plus flat or slightly wavy.

It has a pleasant climate throughout the year, the minimum temperature is 21 degrees Celsius and maximum is 32 degrees celsius.

In the Rinconada main attraction is the wide beach covered by a long row of coconut palms, where besides enjoying the scenery can practice flying with ultralight.os.

Among the fauna are: anteaters, gloves, agoutis, tapirs, macaws, parrots. You can also find a small path which is not enabled by accessing a small community at the foot of the beach where you can practice surfing and rowing boats.

From this beautiful spa I could access the Colonche Protected Forest, which is still preserved tropical forest with an untold number of birds and wildlife. In the midst of thick vegetation waterfalls and streams. The arrival is by boat.

On the beach at La Rinconada provides a variety of beach and water sports, including skiing, volleyball and fishing. Can be found on this beach all kinds of products made mainly with shells and corals that local craftsmen offer visitors along the beach.

This beach is a tourist destination because it has many natural attractions with a wide biodiversity.

Santa Elena, La Rinconada beach


Map La Rinconada beach, Santa Elena Ecuador

Map La Rinconada beach, Santa Elena Ecuador

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