List of Hotels in North of Quito

North of Quito is also known as the modern Quito, begins in the park El Ejido and the Alameda and extends to the beginning of the road leading to the City Center of the World. It is the financial, shopping and business district of the capital, large buildings are built each year with modern designs, the main lungs of the city are in this area, the Parque La Carolina and the Metropolitan Park are the main reference in where most of Quito enjoying healthy leisure time. Mariscal Sucre International Airport, which receives thousands of tourists annually, is located on Avenida Amazonas and the Press in the north of the city.



If you come to Quito for work, business or vacation, do not miss the opportunity to meet the various tourist destinations available. Let us organize your trip, with lodging, transportation and the best tour of the sights of the city and its surroundings. More information about Quito ~>>


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