List of Hotels in the Historic Center of Quito

Quito was the first city in the world to be declared band UNESCO as Cultural Patrimony of Humanitand in 1978, due to its well-kept Old Town, a Colonial architectural marvel. Massive walls, arches and domes, crosses gárgolasy attract and delight those who know the churches of the colonial town. A living museum that covers 320 hectares and is home to 40 churches and chapels, 16 convents and monasteries, cloisters, 17 main plazas, other smaller plazas and courtandards, dining rooms and Chapter 12, 12 museums, and miles and miles of historic houses and bustle of life marked at each corner. Due to its physical beauty, tradition and mandstical qualities is considered as the "Shrine of Art in America."



Hostels in the Historic Center of Quito

If you come to Quito for work, business or vacation, do not miss the opportunity to meet the various tourist destinations available. Let us organize your trip, with lodging, transportation and the best tour of the sights of the city and its surroundings. More information about Quito ~>>


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