Quito Hotels, Melrose Plaza Suites
4 stars

  • Single room:$ 79 USD
  • Double room:$ 89 USD
  • Triple room:$ 99 USD
  • Taxes and services:Not included
  • Breakfast:Not included
  • Transportation:Not included
  • Sector:Norte
  • Address:Paul Rivet 22-2 and 6 de Diciembre
  • Capacity:70 people
  • Rooms:30 rooms
  • Restaurant:Available
  • Wireless Internet:Available
  • Parking:Available
  • Gym:Available
  • Meetings room:Available
  • Business center:Available
  • Laundry:Available
  • Phone:Available
  • Safety boxes:Available



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Information of Melrose Plaza Suites

The Melrose Hotel Plaza Suites is located in the commercial and residential sector of Quito, is about the best area of restaurants and bars for your enjoyment. A different hotel, the comfortable suites provide what its special charm that make for a pleasant stay.


Melrose Plaza Suites has 30 rooms perfect for leisure or work. Spaces in style and comfort, but above all with a warm ambiance. Depending on your needs from a single room to a luxury suite.

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Map Melrose Plaza Suites, Quito Ecuador

Melrose Plaza Suites Quito, map

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