Casa de Marita Hotel Galapagos
4 stars

  • Single room:$ 70 USD
  • Double room:$ 110 USD
  • Suite:$ 160 USD
  • Taxes and services:Not included
  • Breakfast:Not included
  • Transportation:Not included
  • Sector:Puerto Villamil
  • Address:Isabela Island - Galapagos
  • Capacity:50 people
  • Rooms:22 rooms
  • Restaurant:Available
  • Wireless Internet:Available
  • Parking:Available
  • Gym:Not available
  • Meetings room:Not available
  • Business center:Not available
  • Laundry:Available
  • Phone:Available
  • Safety boxes:Available



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Information of Casa de Marita Hotel

The Hotel Casa de Marita is a great choice for vacation in the Galapagos Islands in the company of friends or family. Located on Isabela Island, surrounded by a grove of wild red mangrove, which offers guests comfort, privacy and relaxation.

The hotel is surrounded by beautiful gardens surrounded by established as a source of information for tourists eager to know all the secrets of the Enchanted Islands.


The Casa de Marita Hotel has 24 beautiful rooms that are surrounded by a subtropical garden and a small pool to cool off.

Service also offers bar-cafeteria and a restaurant that offers guests the best of Ecuadorian dishes as well as international cuisine.

Casa de Marita Hotel Galapagos


Map Casa de Marita Hotel, Galapagos

Map of Casa de Marita HotelGalapagos



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