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The Galapagos Islands is one of the sites most visited by curious and studious of vegetation and wildlife. One of the most important tourist destinations in Ecuador, where in addition to lots of sun and sea, you can practice many outdoor activities as well as being carried away by the amazing volcanic landscapes.

Galapagos, is enshrined as a tourist destination, offering visitors special charms as its beaches, its landscapes, its extensive choice of hotels and entertainment, making it a place to love. Ideal for those seeking absolute peace and for those who want to practice all kinds of activities 24 hours a day.

The islands that are inhabited in the islands have evolved into an industry for excellence in hospitality. Many of the hotels have all the facilities to offer unforgettable stays throughout the year.


Santa Cruz Island

Santa Cruz Island has about 25,000 inhabitants, you'll enjoy beautiful beaches and bays, also have the opportunity to closely know the variety of endemic fauna of the area, especially turtles and seabirds. The main town is Puerto Ayora Santa Cruz and is where has the largest choice of hotels in the archipelago.

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San Cristobal Island

This island has beautiful coral beaches, blue water, where there are several species of fauna, including one of the largest colonies of sea lions. Its population is approximately 5,000. Puerto Baquerizo Moreno's main town of the island, is also the capital of Galapagos, ycuenta with one of the major airports of the archipelago. The hotel business in the city is lower than in Santa Cruz, however there are several options for lodging.

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Isabela Island

Isabela is the largest island of the archipelago, although its extensive territory the population is only about 1,000 inhabitants. Isabela Island is known as the volcanoes, which is why it receives frequent visits from local and foreign geologists. The island is very rich in flora and fauna as Galapagos visitors have to consider in your itinerary a visit to the place. In Isabela Island hotel infrastructure also has very good quality.

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Floreana Island

Florena Island is full of fantastic stories of pirates and buccaneers, was among the first to be inhabited, but its population reaches only an estimated 60 people. The island has many attractions and is ideal for diving and kayaking. Wittmer The German family was one of the first to inhabit the island, the only hotel that tells the island is just his surname.

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