Playa Escondida, Esmeraldas

Located between Tonchigue and Punta Galera, Escondida beach is a beautiful virgin beach and ecological refuge over 100 hectares. Located 14 kilometers from the city of Esmeraldas, with warm pools full of marine life and spectacular rock formations with caves and tunnels carved by the wind and waves. This hidden tropical setting is a small hidden bay at the mouth of the river Malpelo, is a beach with good waves especially for those who like surfing and diving.

Data of interest

  • Region: Coast
  • Province:Esmeraldas
  • Latitud:0° 48' 52.61" N
  • Length:80° 01' 01.05" O
  • Climate:22º C a 32º C
  • Population:-
  • Foundation:-
  • Mayor:-
  • Postcode:EC110150
  • Phone code:593 6
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:-
  • Distance from Guayaquil:537 km. approx.
  • Distance from Quito:340 km. approx.



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Information of Escondida beach

Playa Escondida is 400 meters long and varies in width between 40 and 50 meters. It has an average temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.

This spa is the first and only nudist beach in the country, here you can enjoy an environment characteristic of a wild and Atlantic beach with dunes and cliffs of great beauty.

Being away from the city, it is possible to observe a large variety of birds pelicans, frigate birds, hummingbirds, sandpipers, kingfishers, bakers, parrots, parrots, caciques, flycatchers, masked tyrants, herons and even ospreys escaping the cold climate north.

Playa Escondida is an open beach which is limited to the extremes by low cliffs to the east with the Punta Cumilinche and west with Perot, which allows waves through activities such as scuba diving, camping, among others.

The landscape is made up of low cliffs surrounding the beach, which have tropical dry forest is a rocky beach, which causes low tide there are small coastal lagoons rich in marine life.

Playa Escondida in the province of Esmeraldas is the sanctuary of silence, full of peace and tranquility, ideal for families and travelers seeking serenity by the sea. It is one of the few beaches you can find impeccable around and within the beach, is surrounded by vegetation that is native and very exotic.

Esmeraldas, Playa Escondida


Map Playa Escondida, Esmeraldas Ecuador

Esmeraldas, Playa Escondida

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