Galapagos Wildlife, Marine Iguana

The marine iguana is endemic to the Galapagos Islands, which lives on rocky shores, feeding on algae and can remain in the sea for up to 45 minutes. Your body reaches 120-150 cm in length. The name derives from its distinctive muzzle pointed shape that allows the iguana to enter into the rocks to dig algae with three sharp teeth.

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  • Scientific name:Amblyrhynchus cristatus
  • Class:Reptiles
  • Suborder:Sauropsida
  • Size:1,3 m
  • Weight:1,5 kg



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Marine Iguana Galapagos

The Galapagos marine iguanas have a life cycle relatively long-lived and usually stay in the same geographical area all his life.The marine iguana eats once a day, but larger in size are fed only every two or three days.

The size of the Galapagos marine iguana varies and this depends mainly on the island on which they live.

The iguanas have incredible powers to swim, their tails are flattened and laterally undulating their bodies swim by lateral undulation and limbs on the side. They have glands near the nose to remove excess salt intake of seawater.

Their claws are long and sharp in comparison with those of the Galapagos land iguana. This allows them to hold onto the rocks along the edges and also serves to avoid being swept away. When swimming, these animals slow their heart rate to keep warm. Even your heart can stop safely.

The colors of the adult male iguanas vary according to season. As in the archipelago can find iguanas of various colors, such as in the southern islands of the Galapagos iguanas acquire reddish and greenish.

In contrast, in the Santa Cruz Island are red and black. And on the island of Fernandina are brick and dark green color.

The Galapagos marine iguana can endure only for a limited time in the cold sea and survive from 30 to 45 minutes submerged at a depth of 15 meters. After these dives, they return to their territory to take the sun and heat again.

Galapagos Wildlife, Marine Iguana

Galapagos Wildlife


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