Transportation Santa Cruz Island to Isabela Island

Discover the Galapagos Islands to discover nature in its purest form. Located 1,000 km off the coast of Ecuador, this mysterious and fascinating archipelago is comprised of 13 large islands, six smaller islands and over 40. Offering a variety of attractive and unique landscapes that have captivated generations of tourists and scientists.

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Transportation Santa Cruz to Isabela

To go from the island of Santa Cruz to Isabela Island to take a take a small boat leaving from Puerto Ayora every day. The tour lasts about seven hours.

To receive more information from vessels that provide transportation service from island to island, should contact the port captain on Isla Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz Island is the heart of the Galapagos. Puerto Ayora is its capital, with interesting places to visit, travel agencies that offer tours to other islands, highland tours, etc.. You will also find excellent handicrafts, jewelry, art galleries, restaurants, bike rentals, kayaking, scuba diving and snorkeling.

After several hours of travel come to Isabela Island, where you can enjoy the incredible scenery and wonderful fauna and flora which are one of the most recognized worldwide. It is the island's largest archipelago, has an area of 4588 km2, which corresponds to 60% total surface of all the Galapagos Islands.

Transportation Santa Cruz to Isabela Galapagos



Transportation Santa Cruz to Isabela Galapagos




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