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Finch Bay Eco Hotel is so named because of the variety of finches (finches) that inhabit the area. This hotel is surrounded by an incredible nature and is located a few steps from a beautiful private beach. Those who stay at this hotel enjoy privacy ecological, landscaping and a first class service. The Hotel is located in Punta Estrada, Santa Cruz Island. The infrastructure of the hotel as well as the activities are totally oriented to a concept of true ecotourism in a pristine natural environment.

* Rates are per person and are subject to change.
  • Departs from:Aeropuerto de Quito o Guayaquil
  • Duration:8 days
  • Departure time:08:00
  • Guidance:Included
  • Ground transportation:Included
  • Entrance to P.N.G.:Not included
  • Food:Included
  • Drinks:Included
  • Travel insurance:Not included



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Day 1

Arribo a las Islas Galápagos

We arrived to the Galapagos Islands by air to Baltra Island airport, then crossed the Itabaca Canal, which separates it from Santa Cruz Island. On the other hand, a bus waiting to take us to the highlands of Santa Cruz Island and visit the Giant Tortoises Reserve in their natural habitat, a unique experience!. To stop in the Twin Craters (great depressions of volcanic material, formed by a long process of slow sinking of the earth), where escalesia exceptional trees, ferns, mosses and orchids can be seen. Prepare for a delicious lunch at the Finch Bay Hotel. In the evening, dinner includes the flavors of local and international gastronomy, one more attraction of the Hotel.

Day 2

Excursion boat on Santa Fe

Before departure, a delicious breakfast buffet will be served, including a variety of fruits, cereals, eggs, Ecuadorian Tamales, milk, yogurt, fresh fruit juices, breads and more. Lunch is served on board. In return, there will be time to relax in the surroundings of the hotel before dinner.

Will walk through the woods of Opuntia cacti and Palo Santo trees. Land iguanas (endemic to Santa Fe), lava lizards and colonies of sea lions can be observed. We will have the opportunity to swim and dive with breathing tube. Overnight at Finch Bay Hotel.

Day 3

Excursion to the Tortuga Bay

It is considered the most pleasant of the archipelago, a peaceful place for the nature lover. Tortuga Bay's name comes from sea turtles that go there to lay their eggs. Bird watching is excellent and can be made along the way and in the Bay. We return to the Finch Bay Eco Hotel for lunch. The evening is to relax. Relax by the pool or beach, enjoy the Jacuzzi, or visit Puerto Ayora. Overnight at the Hotel Finch Bay.

Day 4

Excursion to Bartolome Island in yacht

Ascend a wooden staircase to reach the summit, from which to enjoy the spectacular view offered by two bays of the Galapagos Islands. Interesting lava formations and cinder cones can be observed. The sea lions and penguins swim around Pinnacle Rock. Enjoy snorkeling or swimming breathing on the beach. At night we rest in the Finch Bay Hotel.

Day 5

Optional activities

Remain on Santa Cruz and enjoy the activities you choose. Among them there, a tour of crevices, breathing snorkelling, bird watching (without charge) or additional cost-guided tours and cruise on the bay, mountain biking in the highlands of Santa Cruz or scuba diving oxygen. Overnight at the Hotel Finch Bay.

Day 6

Excursion to North Seymour Island in yacht

Un paseo sobre terreno plano permite la observación árboles de Palo Santo y colonias de piqueros de patas azules, gaviotas de cola de golondrina y fragatas. Hacia otro lado de la isla, el océano se estrella contra las rocas y los leones de mar surfean en las olas. Retorno al Hotel Finch Bay.

Día 7

Excursion to the Island Plaza in yacht

This small island is full of fascinating wildlife, at sea and along the rocks find sea lions, land iguanas, swallow-tailed gulls, Opuntia cacti and vegetation that changes color depending on the seasons. Overnight at the Hotel Finch Bay.


Charles Darwin Interpretation Center / Back to the continent

Departure early in the morning of the Finch Bay Hotel for a visit to the Charles Darwin Research Station, home of the famous "Lonesome George" and many other giant tortoises. Subsequently, we will go by land to the airport in Baltra to take the flight to the mainland.


It recommended lead

Sun hat, sunglasses, sandals, sneakers, bathing suit, umbrella, waterproof sunscreen, snorkel and mask, beach towel and bath, windbreaker, light clothing, camera, binoculars.

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