Galapagos Cruises, Tip Top II & Tip Top III

The Tip Top II and III are motor yachts steel hull class, built in 2001. The ships are among the most modern and comfortable, and intimate of smaller motor yachts, perfect for your vacation adventure in the Galapagos Islands archipelago. The yachts have a large upper deck and a diving platform, perfect for snorkeling.

  • 5 days 7 days 10 days
  • Category 1:$. $. 1,625 $. 2,275
  • Category 2:$. $. 1,750 $. 2,450
  • Category 3:$. $. 2,625 $. 3,675
  • VIP Upgrade:$. $. $.
* Rates are per person and are subject to change.
  • Departs from:Quito or Guayaquil Airport
  • Duration:10 days
  • Departure time:08:00
  • Guidance:Included
  • Ground transportation:Included
  • Entrance to P.N.G.:Not included
  • Food:Included
  • Drinks:Included
  • Travel insurance:Not included



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Day 1

Quito - Ecuador

Arrival in Quito at a luxury hotel. Day of rest. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2

Flight Quito / Baltra / Bachas Beach

Early in the morning take a flight to Baltra Island, where we start our cruise, after a short trip to the port, sail around Daphne Islets and observe tropical species, ashore on the deserted, picturesque beach Las Bachas. Located north of Santa Cruz Island, this site is the preferred place for green turtles to nest and lay their eggs during this tour is suggested to be very careful not to step on the nest. Here we have a chance to practice snorkeling and swimming through crystal clear waters.

Day 3

Genovesa Island / Darwin Bay

After breakfast, wet landing on Darwin Bay, Genovesa Island located on the other edges formed by a large crater that is now almost entirely submerged. Disembark for a short walk looking at thousands of mainly frigate birds, red footed and masked, gulls, herons, finches and mockingbirds. Here enjoy the snorkeling and swimming in this beautiful natural harbor. In the afternoon we will head that will take us along the crater walls, which will reveal the variety of animals seeking refuge at the edges and cracks of the old and solidified lava. About us we can observe tropical birds that fly in the amplitude of the sky.

Day 4

Santiago Island / Bartolome Island

Visit the James Bay on Santiago Island, an interesting trail takes you south along the coast. Admire the ruins consist of a salt company and the many inhabitants on the shores of the place, as well as sea lions, chameleons, lizards and herons. Continue to the famous grotto of the seals, the best place to observe these elegant and cuddly mammals. Bartolomé Island Dry landing for a walk climb to the lookout where you can admire a fascinating panorama of Sullivan Bay. Then we will have a panga ride around Pinnacle Rock, which offer some small spots from which you will discover the wonderful underwater world, and with luck you'll find penguins and sea turtles.

Day 5

Isla Santa Cruz / Charles Darwin Station / Highlands Area

Leave from Puerto Ayora by bus to the highlands of Santa Cruz, to visit the endemic forest, where he distinguished six different zones of vegetation: Coastal, Arid, Transition, escalesia, Miconia, and Pampa Zones. Santa Cruz is also the second largest island of the Galapagos. Also, visit the Charles Darwin Research Station, where we learn about conservation and development policies of the Islands. Charles Darwin Station is a center for breeding species such as turtles and iguanas, who are are prepared for reintroduction to their natural habitat. Later we will have time to visit the city whose central location and variety of amenities make Puerto Ayora Galapagos shaft.

Day 6

South Plaza Island / Santa Fe Island

Departure to the beautiful South Island Plaza. This island despite its small size, has a rich fauna impressive, by the sea and the cliffs, sea lions, iguanas of land, bifucarda tailed gulls and others are waiting to share their natural environment. Afternoon visit Santa Fe Island according to the latest geological studies, has the oldest rocks in all the islands. Here cacti longer observe the Galapagos, iguanas larger and a different key to other islands. After this tour you can swim or snorkeling in the bay next to the sea lions.

Day 7

Española Island

In the morning we will disembark on a coral beach where you can make a short walk and observe sea lions, mockingbirds, finches or enjoy the tranquility of the beach. This is an excellent area for snorkelling, or travel by boat around the Bay Gardner or Tortuga islets. In the afternoon visit Punta Suarez, where they are subspecies of marine iguanas with red and green color, also very large sea birds including albatross.

Day 8

Floreana / Punta Cormorant

After breakfast, disembark at Punta Cormorant arrive at an olive green sand beach. Following a path of about 100 meters, we meet a gap in which we find: flamingos, necked ducks and other birds. The trail leads to a white beach check coral that looks like flour. This is the place where the green sea turtles nest. North of Punta Cormorant is an eroded volcano called La Corona del Diablo is the perfect site for snorkeling. Afterwards we visit Post Office Bay to learn about the social aspect of the islands, its early settlement and the adventures of pirates and whalers. Panga continue to nearby islets to observe sea lions, stingrays, sea turtles, boobies and possibly see the Galapagos penguin.

Day 9

North Seymour / Baltra / Return flights

Disembark at the pier on North Seymour Island where we will observe sea lions and an important colony of blue footed boobies and frigate birds. After Itabaca cross the channel to Baltra, where we will return trip Quito.

Day 10

Quito / Home

In the morning transfer to airport for flight back home.

It recommended lead

Sun hat, sunglasses, sandals, sneakers, bathing suit, umbrella, waterproof sunscreen, snorkel and mask, beach towel and bath, windbreaker, light clothing, camera, binoculars.

Galapagos Islands Cruises, Tip Top II & Tip Top III



Galapagos Tour, Tip Top II & Tip Top III cruise


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