Galapagos Cruises, Sky Dancer

The dazzling underwater kingdom of captive Galapagos Islands curiosity as much as the islands themselves. You may discover both on board the M / Y Sky Dancer, is a 100-foot yacht for 16 first class passengers. Built according to special requirements in 2000, the Sky Dancer offers the newest and best-equipped dive yacht cruises in the Galapagos Islands.

  • 5 days 8 days 11 days
  • Category 1:$. $. 3,295 $. 4,245
  • Category 2:$. $. 3,795 $. 4,535
  • Category 3:$. $. 3,995 $. 4,735
  • VIP Upgrade:$. $. $.
* Rates are per person and are subject to change.
  • Departs from:Quito or Guayaquil Airport
  • Duration:11 days
  • Departure time:08:00
  • Guidance:Included
  • Ground transportation:Included
  • Entrance to P.N.G.:Not included
  • Food:Included
  • Drinks:Included
  • Travel insurance:Not included



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Day 1

Quito - Ecuador

Arrival in Quito at a luxury hotel. Day of rest. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2

This is a day of leisure. A variety of tours are available on that day. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 3

San Cristobal Island / Embark

Upon arrival to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal, the crew of Sky Dancer will receive us and escort us to the ship. After a brief discussion of presentation we will go to Lobos Island, landed here to dive and encounter the underwater paradise. Next we called Sleeping Lion Rock, rising 500 feet from the ocean. Here we can observe the blue-footed boobies, masked boobies and magnificent frigate birds on the cliffs.

Day 4

Seymour Island / Bartolome Island

The day begins by exploring the inside of the Seymour Island, one of the few islands that have emerged from the bottom of the sea in the Galapagos. The trail leads to the colonies of blue footed boobies, frigates, swallow-tailed gulls. The sandy shore is full of Galapagos sea lions and marine iguanas. We will find a wide variety of vegetation such as cacti, Palo Santo trees and shrubs. Afternoon visit Bartolome Island, which has beautiful white sand beaches, lush green mangroves and a colony of penguins. After the landing climb dry for 30 minutes on a fairly steep slope that leads to the summit of the volcano, where we have a great view of Pinnacle Rock.

Day 5

Wolf Island

After breakfast we head to Wolf Island, which has several places to practice snorkeling. Here live hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, and occasionally whale sharks. We may also see dolphins, fur seals, frigates, masked boobies and red legs, marine iguanas and sea turtles. This island has a variety of underwater fauna and crystal clear water suitable for different types of diving.

Day 6

Darwin Island

Considered by many experts as the best place in the world for diving. Darwin's Arch offers nearly everything a diver would like to note: large schools of hammerhead sharks, Galapagos sharks, Silky shark, mackerel, spotted rays, green turtles, hawk-billed turtles and dolphins. From June to November, you can see whale sharks and tiger sharks occasionally. In addition are also other shark species, dense schools of fish, rays, sea lions and and a variety of tropical fish. Darwin Island is a favorite spot for lovers of marine life.

Day 7

Wolf / Darwin

Darwin and Wolf Islands are considered by many experts as the best place in the world for diving. Darwin's Arch are considered by many experienced divers as the jewel in the crown of all the dive sites in the world. He is considered the best place in the world for diving with large animals. Wolf Island offers three different sites for diving as the pinnacle, the south channel and the reef, where you can see the great hammerhead shark and whale shark reaches a length of more than twelve meters. They will make your dive experience unique and unforgettable.

Day 8

Cape Marshall / Puerto Egas, Santiago

At Cape Marshall on the eastern side of Isabela Island, are the cliffs of volcanic rock, which descends from the bottom of the ocean as a nearly vertical wall. Here you can see manta rays, marble rays, hammerhead sharks and sea turtles. You can also find barracuda, snappers, yellow fin tuna, rainbow runners, wahoo and groupers. It also has a variety of tropical fish and eels.

In the afternoon, wet landing at Puerto Egas, Santiago. This is the ideal place to observe land birds. The black lava beach is an excellent place to observe seabirds feed. The trail leads to a colony of fur seals. This coast is very good to observe the marine iguanas, while feeding on algae during low tide. During the night we will have the opportunity for snorkeling at a depth of 30 feet to find the batfish.

Day 9

Gordon Rocks / Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz

Gordon Rocks, off the South Plaza Island, populated by sea lions, iguanas, several kinds of finches, rabijuncos, choughs, pelicans, diving, tropical birds, reef fish, sponges and black coral. Divers consider the wall at Gordon Rocks one of the best dive sites in the central islands. The current is strong and the maximum depth is 100 feet.

Visit the Charles Darwin Research Station on Santa Cruz Island. Scientists around the world work at the station to conduct biological research. During our tour we will observe the hatching and rearing of the giant tortoises of the Galapagos. In the afternoon enjoy a stroll through Puerto Ayora (population: 15000), the largest town in Galapagos. Here you can buy and enjoy the local crafts stores.

Day 10

Interpretation Center / San Cristobal Island - End of the Cruise

On the morning after breakfast, we visit the Interpretation Center to learn more about the natural and human history of the islands. Then we head to the airport for flight back to Quito.

Day 11

Quito / Home

In the morning transfer to airport for flight back home.

It recommended lead

Sun hat, sunglasses, sandals, sneakers, bathing suit, umbrella, waterproof sunscreen, snorkel and mask, beach towel and bath, windbreaker, light clothing, camera, binoculars.

Galapagos Islands Cruises, Sky Dancer



Galapagos Tour, Sky Dancer cruise


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