Galapagos Cruises, Eric, Letty & Flamingo

Eric, Flamingo & Letty are three identical motor yachts higher for shipments from the Galapagos Islands. Brothers Yachts provide tremendous value superior comfort with spacious accommodations for small groups. Built in 1991, each yacht has ten double cabins located on three decks with teak wood interiors. The windows around the two decks and offer spectacular panoramic views of the archipelago.

  • 5 days 8 days 11 days
  • Category 1:$. $. 2,925 $. 3,375
  • Category 2:$. $. 3,255 $. 3,075
  • Category 3:$. $. 3,575 $. 4,025
  • VIP Upgrade:$. $. $.
* Rates are per person and are subject to change.
  • Departs from:Quito or Guayaquil Airport
  • Duration:10 days
  • Departure time:08:00
  • Guidance:Included
  • Ground transportation:Included
  • Entrance to P.N.G.:Not included
  • Food:Included
  • Drinks:Included
  • Travel insurance:Not included



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Day 1

Quito - Ecuador

Arrival in Quito at a luxury hotel. Day of rest. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2

Enjoy a day of leisure. A variety of tours are available on that day. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 3

San Cristobal Island / Embark / Initiation of cruise

Arrival by plane to Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, Isla San Cristobal and immediate transfer to the yacht, which is anchored in the bay. Afternoon visit Playa Ochoa, enjoy a white coral beach guests disembark to walk the white sand. By late afternoon sail around Sleeping Lion Rock in the middle of the sea, rising 500 feet from the ocean. This beautiful rocky island, is a favorite place for various species of seabirds and sea lions, common egrets, Darwin finches, mockingbird, blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigate birds on the cliffs.

Day 4

Genovesa Island

We spend all day on Genovesa Island, is one of the most spectacular islands in the Galapagos archipelago. The Ladder of Prince Philip's, is an ideal place for bird lovers, because here you will find a large colony of red-footed boobies, masked boobies, frigates, piquirojos tropical storm petrels, swallow-tailed gulls, lava gulls, finches orejicortos Darwin and owls. After you disembark at Darwin Bay beach for an afternoon of snorkeling. Nearby observe sea lions, frigates, swallow-tailed gulls, red-footed boobies, terns, lava gulls, tropic birds, pigeons, petrels and Darwin finches

Day 5

Fernandina Island / Isabela Island

In the morning, we disembark at Punta Espinoza, Isla Fernandina Island is the youngest and westernmost island in Galapagos. Here we find the largest gathering of marine iguanas. Also observe the famous flightless cormorants that inhabit this island, and penguins, pelicans and sea lions.

This afternoon, we visit Tagus Cove, Isabela, formed by six volcanoes from side to side, of which five are active. Here we enjoy a spectacular view of the lava fields and volcanic formations. The Tagus Cove was historically used as a place of anchorage for pirates, buccaneers and whalers. Then we will embark on a hiking or snorkeling. Observe blue-footed boobies posing on the cliffs, as well as marine iguanas, penguins, brown pelicans, terns and gulls.

Day 6

Santiago Island/ Chinese Hat

In the morning, enjoy a walk along the coast of Puerto Egas looking for octopus, starfish. Observe the marine iguanas feed on green algae. Continue our walk along the beach. Here you can also enjoy a great place to snorkel near the beach to admire a great variety of marine life. Then we go to a small volcanic island has a conical shape that resembles a Chinese hat. Here you can find a wide variety of marine iguanas and penguins often. We also have the opportunity to snorkel or swim in the creek, along with sea lions and hawks also get to see interesting and lava flows.

Day 7

Bartolome Island / North Seymour Island

Visit Bartolome Island, after a dry landing, climb a steep staircase to the summit of the volcano is still active even during our tour we will stop to enjoy lava formations, volcanic peaks and a lunar-like landscape soil. We will also have a spectacular view of Pinnacle Rock and the most famous view of Galapagos. North Seymour will continue until, for a walk along the path that will lead to a colonial sea lions, blue footed boobies, frigates, swallow-tailed gulls.

Day 8

Santa Cruz Island

After breakfast we will embark on a journey to the top of the Santa Cruz Island, to enjoy the lush vegetation. Observe the reptile most famous of the Galapagos giant tortoises in their natural habitat. An endangered species that moves slowly through the vegetation. The flora of the forest area includes a Scalesia. Then we will head to Los Gemelos, two craters on both sides of the road covered by forests Scalesia, which gives the place a prehistoric atmosphere, typical of cloud forest vegetation. Here observe land birds such as the Tyranid vermilion orejicortos owls, doves and Galapagos finches Darwin. Afternoon visit the Charles Darwin Research Station and the captive breeding program for giant tortoises. Here we understand the conservation efforts and the results of fieldwork conducted in the name of science. Also meet Lonesome George, the last survivor of the Pinta Island tortoises. After this visit we will go to the city of Port that will allow us to observe the Galapagos live in this magical paradise.

Day 9

Española Island

Morning after breakfast, dry landing at Punta Suarez for a long walk between lava rocks to visit its famous seabird colonies including (from April to December), Albatross. During the walk there are also Nazca boobies, blue footed boobies, swallow-tailed gulls, the mockingbird in Spanish, and three species of Darwin finches. It is also noted colorful marine iguanas and a colony of sea lions near the landing site. Back on board for lunch on board. In the afternoon we will go to Garner Bay for a short walk along a pristine white coral beach, watching sea lions, mockingbirds, finches. We may also make snorkeling and swimming together with sea lions and enjoy the diversity of marine life near the islet.

Day 10

San Cristobal / Interpretation Centre / Quito

If time permits, visit the Interpretation Center opened in 1999. Here, we get more information about the nature and history of the islands. Then we transfer to airport for flight back to Quito.

Day 11

Quito / Home

In the morning we will be transferred to the airport for flight back home.

It recommended lead

Sun hat, sunglasses, sandals, sneakers, bathing suit, umbrella, waterproof sunscreen, snorkel and mask, beach towel and bath, windbreaker, light clothing, camera, binoculars.

Galapagos Islands Cruises, Eric, Letty & Flamingo



Galapagos Tour, Eric, Letty & Flamingo cruise


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