Galapagos Cruises, The Beagle

M/S Beagle was built in London, England in 1971. It has 6 double and one single cabin with air conditioning that accommodate 13 passengers. Beagle is a perfect ship to sail through this natural paradise and offers the best service and comfort, which makes it the choice for people with adventurous spirit.

  • 5 days 8 days 11 days
  • Category 1:$. $. 2,197 $. 3,050
  • Category 2:$.$. 2,197 $. 3,050
  • Category 3:$. $. 2,197 $. 3,050
  • VIP Upgrade:$. $. $.
* Rates are per person and are subject to change.
  • Departs from: Quito
  • Duration:11 days
  • Departure time:08:00
  • Guidance:Included
  • Ground transportation:Included
  • Entrance to P.N.G.:Not included
  • Food:Included
  • Drinks:Included
  • Travel insurance:Not included



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Day 1

Quito - Ecuador

Arrival in Quito at a luxury hotel. Day of rest. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 2

This is a day of leisure. A variety of tours are available on that day. Overnight at the Hotel.

Day 3

Baltra Island / North Seymour Island

Departure from Quito in the morning get ready for your flight to Baltra. Upon our arrival, we will be transferred to M / S Beagle. In the afternoon, visit North Seymour Island where we spend a few hours of observation on the ground, watching sea lions, blue footed boobies, frigates, and if time permits, we will snorkel.

.Day 4

South Plaza Island / Santa Fe Island

In the morning, explore the South Plaza Island where there are colonies of sea lions and land iguanas, and a large number of birds such as gulls. From the top of high banks, we have a beautiful view, or simply enjoy a stroll along the cliff base. In the afternoon, explore the island of Santa Fe's oldest island in the Galapagos, Santa Fe is one of the best places to swim with sea lions and sea turtles glimpse of the white tip shark.

.Day 5

Española Island

Explore Punta Suarez in large colonies inhabited by blue-footed boobies, masked boobies, marine iguanas, albatrosses and gulls. Later, we visit Gardner Bay, also on the Spanish island to enjoy a panga ride and more time for snorkeling.

.Day 6

Santa Cruz Island

We will stop at Puerto Ayora to visit the Charles Darwin Research Center where scientists, park rangers and managers, working to preserve and protect the Galapagos Islands, a World Heritage site by UNESCO. The station is also a center for breeding and turtle. Also take some time to stroll around town and buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon, visit the highlands, home of extinct volcanoes and fascinating plants. We know the Twins, a pair of large craters or pits, or you can visit the largest lava tunnels found in Galapagos, with a length of 2 kilometers.

Day 7

Floreana Island

In the morning, at Punta Cormorant on Floreana we'll visit a lake of pink flamingos. Later, we will go to the historically famous Post Office Post Office Bay. British whalers in 1793 created the post office barrel to send and receive letters from England, and today, visitors can send their letters to anywhere in the world.

Day 8

Santiago Island / Bartolome Island

Visit Puerto Egas on Santiago Island for exploration on foot along the coast, where we will observe the variety of marine life and seals in the Galapagos. In the afternoon, explore the Isla Bartolomé, for a short hike to the summit from where we have a beautiful view of Pinnacle Rock. Swim and diving breathing in the afternoon.

Day 9

Genovesa Island

In The Gorge, also known as Prince Philip Steps, climb to a plateau that is part of the stretch of land that surrounds Darwin Bay on its east side. Here, you can see masked boobies and red-footed boobies in the trees. In the afternoon, explore the white sandy beach of Darwin Bay. Admire the green mangroves, lagoons and small prickly pear cactus and a variety of wildlife such as red-footed boobies, frigates, herons, and playful sea lions. We may also take time for snorkelling in the bay.

Day 10

Baltra Island / Disembark - End of cruise

Disembark on the island of Baltra and transferred by bus to the airport for the flight back to the mainland. Rest in the afternoon. Overnight at a hotel in Quito.

Día 11

Quito / Home

In the morning we will be transferred to the airport for flight back home.

It recommended lead

Sun hat, sunglasses, sandals, sneakers, bathing suit, umbrella, waterproof sunscreen, snorkel and mask, beach towel and bath, windbreaker, light clothing, camera, binoculars.

Galapagos Islands Cruises, The Beagle



Galapagos Tour, The Beagle cruise


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