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The Galapagos Islands is a destination for world class surfing. Located on the coast of Ecuador, exactly in the Pacific Ocean, and are also known as Colon Archipelago Islands Her two most recent are in the process of training, because in 2009 there was a volcanic eruption, which resulted in this interesting discovery.

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Surfing in Galapagos

Surfing in the Galapagos Islands is only recommended for experienced. The most popular with surfers for this sport are on the islands of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz.

Isabela Island has a wonderful beach for surfing, which attracts visitors like golf. If you are on a basic level or if you just want to learn and have some fun on the island can be achieved surfboards or go to classes with the experts.

But if you have an advanced level and what you are looking for waves at another level, Isabela is the perfect place. Here you can find several sites for surfing as: Low Choro, The Lower Dock, Hospital, El Faro and Punta Macabre.

San Cristobal offers everything an experienced surfer can dream: big waves, surf breaks, places to discover and extraordinary marine life. Like other islands, you can easily reach some of these places on foot. On the other hand, experienced surfers may prefer to go to more remote locations by boat.

Among the most visited sites on San Cristobal Island are: Tongo Reef, The Canyon, The Lobería, Manglecito, Punta Carola and Punta Pitt.

The practice of aquatic sport in the Galapagos Islands as a sport tourism, it has been done informally started in the mid-70s, when many of the practitioners of this sport is moved to the islands with the aim of exploring and find key places of surfing.

The best season for surfing in the Galapagos Island is between December and April, when warm weather brings huge waves from the north.

Actividades en Galápagos, Surfing


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Activities in Galapagos, Surfing




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