Galapagos activities, Kayaking

In the Galapagos Islands is very unusual to see tourists doing is kayaking, the spectacle offered by crystal clear waters is unsurpassed due to the diversity of species can be observed. The archipelago is inaccessible from land areas and for larger boats and kayaks which can be accessed only by allowing to discover and admire the scenery from a different point. The weather is almost always sunny, the sea light creating the perfect temperature for kayaking at sea.

Data of interest

  • Difficulty:Beginner / Moderate
  • Height:Undefined
  • Route:Undefined
  • Minimum age:None
  • Duration:Undefined
  • Season:All year
  • Equipment used:Kayak with partitions
  •  Life jacket
  •  Whistle
  •  Tail
  •  Rowing
  •  Bilge pump
  •  Bilge pump



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Kayaking in Galapagos

The kayanking is the best way to experience the secrets of the Galapagos wildlife. Explore this enchanting archipelago and richness of its coves, beaches and marine life.

On these islands you can sail with a group of blue-footed boobies, sea lions and fur seals resting on rocky beaches.

El kayak de mar en Galápagos está llena de oportunidades para los encuentros cercanos con la fauna silvestre.

Sea kayaking in the Galapagos is full of opportunities for close encounters with wildlife. The sea kayaking in the heart taken directly outdoors: no motor, no noise, no pollution. It glides effortlessly over the lava channels, blue lakes, quiet coves and white sand beaches and discover the riches of the islands.

In the Galapagos Islands, kayaking is one of the most pleasant, offering another way to stay in contact with wildlife. Designed specifically for rowing enthusiasts, this adventure activity takes you through the turquoise waters of the archipelago.

Every sea kayaker looking for a pristine marine environment of calm waters and cristilinas. The Galapagos Islands at the height of water protected sleep away from the usual worries.

Paddle the coast of the Galapagos offers visitors more contact with nature where you can see white tip sharks, sea lions and several species of birds.

Galapagos Activities, Kayaking


Galapagos Islands map

Galapagos Activities, Kayaking




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