Zaruma Ecuador, Municipal Museum

Zaruma Municipal Museum is located in the historic center of town, in the Plaza de la Independencia. This institution contains collections of objects of artistic, historical and scientific, preserved and exhibited for the education and entertainment of all visitors. The museum contains many of the historical richness of the ancient capital city of the province of El Oro in colonial and early Republic.

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  • City:Zaruma
  • Sector:Centre
  • Address:October 9th Street
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 8:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Zaruma Municipal Museum

The Municipal Museum was established on July 17, 1974, with support from the cultural department of the Central Bank of Ecuador, in the chairmanship of Dr. Gonzalo Rodríguez Calderón.

The building Zaruma Municipal Museum is one more reason to visit the place and the beauty that keeps the nineteenth century adds a touch of charm to the Museum. Its construction began in 1909 and ending in 1923, served as the Second Max Hall Municipal House.

It is an important area to understand the culture and history not only of Zaruma, but the southern region of Ecuador.

Zaruma is a beautiful city, considered one of the oldest cities in the country. Located southwest of the province of El Oro, 1200 m altitude. in the western foothills of the inter-Andean alley and observed in each of its corners the beauty of other times, its streets, houses, churches and squares are a relic of the place.

It is a spectacular city, who runs captivates its steep streets and curling. On the dazzling style of architecture of its stately homes very well preserved, has received the following titles: "Sultan of Gold", "National Historic Reserve Area", "City of National Tourist Interest", "Cultural Heritage of Ecuador", and since 1998, is considered the indicative list of UNESCO for the title of "Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity."

The Municipal Museum of Zaruma inside it shows a great number of pieces dating from the colonial and early republican era. Among which we highlight are the first and second typewriter brand "UNDERWOOD" acquired in the Municipality of Zaruma on July 13, 1913 in S/.225 sucres each.

Other parts you can find are the turntables, radios, phonograph, etc.. of the period of 1929, miners lamps used by French and American Zaruma and Portovelo by the year 1920 and the phonograph trademark "VICTOR" in 1906.

Zaruma Ecuador, Museo Municipal


Map Zaruma Municipal Museum, Zaruma Ecuador

Map of Zaruma Municipal Museum, Zaruma Ecuador



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