Zaruma Ecuador, Independence Square

The Independence Square or Park Center is located in the Historic Center of Zaruma, city of magic and enchantment, founded December 8, 1595, is a closely guarded chest full of traditions, customs and legends that make it a cultural relic subtropical Andes in Ecuador. The Independence Square has an unsurpassed beauty, colonial architecture of the place keeps the past and is part of each and the important events of life zarumeña from the Republican era.

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  • City:Zaruma
  • Sector:Centre
  • Address:October 9th Street
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 8:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Independence Square

The Independence Square is adorned with beautiful and colorful houses, the urban layout and architecture, together with the surrounding landscape makes Zaruma city unique in the world, making it worthy of relevant titles.

This place witnessed the celebrations, speeches and the growth of the booming mining town, and is currently the scene of civic and social events.

At Independence Square you can find some attractions like: The Sanctuary of the Virgen del Carmen, The houses turn of the century or Republican era and the Municipal Museum.

In the nineteenth century, today's Plaza de la Independencia was known as Plaza Mayor, and as is clear from the documents of the period, its surface was irregular. According to the story after the proclamation of the province of El Oro and while Zaruma made her head, shows a concern of the government and the local council to level the square.

In September 1883, the Municipal Council decided to summon the resident engineers in the city to contract the work with whoever offers the best conditions. The following month, approved the proposed capping of the Plaza Mayor.

Its streets were paved, which made the place more beautiful, according to the inhabitants of the city each stone was laid by former inmates of the prison Zaruma.

The Independence Square has a great historical value and this is what makes it a wonderful place that takes visitors to the past and full of peace, no doubt the architecture of the houses that surround it is one of the reasons to visit; the roundabout, the church and the ornamental decoration combine to make it a tourist attraction in the city of Zaruma.

Zaruma Ecuador, Independence Square


Map Independence Square, Zaruma Ecuador

Map of Independence Square, Zaruma Ecuador



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