Tena Ecuador, Sumaco National Park

Sumaco National Park is located in the heart of the Amazon Acuatoriana, between the provinces of Napo and Orallena, consisting of two major sections of isolated mountain ranges of the Andes: the massif and Sumaco volcano Galeras mountain range, covering an area of 205 249 ha. It is a well preserved and little explored, there exists perfect conditions for the development of a wide diversity of flora and fauna, as well as high endemism.

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  • City:Tena
  • Sector:Noreste
  • Address:Between Napo and Orellana
  • Schedule of attention:Dalily
  • Cost of revenue:5 USD



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Information of Sumaco National Park

Sumaco National Park offers visitors mountain landscapes, cloud forests, deep canyons and rivers of high and low jungle, which allows for a varied climate depending on altitude: rainy subtropical and temperate, with annual rainfall river, 6,000 mm. or older who is one of the highest in the world.

It is a protected area that has many attractions to observe flora and fauna, finding, adventure, climbing to the volcano Sumaco, Amazon mountaineering, photography and camping.

umaco is rated as one of the largest protected areas and unexplored wilderness around the Protected Areas System of Ecuador, as its tangled vegetation, special geological structures, isolated environments that harbor diverse and interesting biological conditions, and steep slopes that extend to the Amazon preclude any access to the area.

It was declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in the world.

The diversity of ecosystems Sumaco National Park is very high and presents a great diversity of flora, as is the level of carryover of large tracts of forest.

The greatest diversity of trees in the National Park Sumaco is under 800 m, in forests that contain more than 205 species per hectare. Among the most important tree species are cedar, Red, porotillo, copal, among the palms, we have the chonta and chambira, used for food, housing and crafts. And is also estimated that PNSNG contains more than 6000 identified plant species. They have collected 100 species of palms, of which 60% were new to science. Have been discovered, in addition, 20 new species of orchids.

Also, the park contains over 6,000 plant species identified. They have collected 100 species of palms, of which 60% were new to science. Have been discovered, in addition, 20 new species of orchids.

Among the most representative fauna National Park Sumaco find giant armadillos, jaguars, bears, sloth, peccaries, ocelots and deer. As a park with altitude changes, access is difficult and this has enabled the nature of the place remain almost intact.

Tena Ecuador, Parque Nacional Sumaco


Map Sumaco National Park, Tena Ecuador

Map of Sumaco National Park, Tena Ecuador



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