Tena Ecuador, Misahualli Port

Misahualli Port is a resort of river with soft white sand, located 30 minutes southeast from the city of Tena, capital of the province of Napo. Place where the sun emerges from the horizon that unites Misahuallí and Napo rivers, where only its imposing landscape covered in animal sounds and manages troubled waters move the soul. Puerto Misahuallí offers everyone the possibility to enjoy the Amazon: families, walkers, athletes and adventurers. Here you can see the different wild monkeys and butterflies.

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  • City:Tena
  • Sector:Southeast
  • Address:20 km from the city of Tena
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Misahualli Por

Misahualli is the river port of the Ecuadorian Amazon, also is a natural resort with white sand river, decorated with dozens of trees that are home to capuchin monkeys, which are used to tourists and feel no fear to take what you need of houses and shops are one of the attractions of the town.

The port is located at an altitude of 517 meters above sea level, with an average temperature of 25 º C, and is part of the high forest whose main characteristic is the abundant biodiversity per square meter, one of the world's largest in number of endemic species of flora and fauna.

The most important natural attraction is its sandy beach about 700 m. long, which is the point of entry for jungle excursions. In the surroundings you can find hostels and restaurants.

Other tourist attractions are the Cave Puerto Misahuallí cans, consisting of streams, rivers and ridges of pure water, the Napo River and-Jatun Sacha Biological Station, a center for biological research and environmental education.

Misahualli Port is an invitation to adventure tourism, shipping and discovering the heritage of the Ecuadorian Amazon. Here you can perform various activities such as excursions or evening walks Rumihurco hill to the house of the shaman for those who need a clean. You can also visit the indigenous community of Muyuna to know their primitive customs. As Amazoonico an animal rescue center which houses 490 species, especially monkeys, parrots and turtles.

Tena Ecuador, Misahualli Port


Map Misahualli Port, Tena Ecuador

Map of Misahualli Port,  Tena Ecuador



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