Tena Ecuador

Tena is the capital of the province of Napo, is located in the lower and upper Napo Province. Called by many historians as San Juan de Tena Two Rivers gets its name because the city is bathed by the rivers Tena and Upano. It has a botanical garden in the middle of the city, called "Amazon Park, ideal for environmentalists, the city has one if the number of paths that lead to the river tena ideal for water games and sports such as kayaking among others.

Data of interest

  • Region:Amazon
  • Province:Napo
  • Latitude:0° 59' -1" S
  • Length:77° 49' 0" W
  • Climate:10º C a 24º C
  • Population:46.007 (estimate 2008)
  • Foundation:November 15, 1560
  • Mayor:Washington Varela
  • Zip code:EC150150
  • Area code:593 6
  • Currency:American dollar
  • Predominant language:Spanish
  • Airport:-
  • Distance from Quito:186 km. aprox.
  • Distance from Guayaquil:307 Km. aprox.



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Information of Tena

Tena is the main regional town and capital of the province of Napo. Call the colonial period the Spanish as "the city of cinnamon" Region dedicated to the cultivation of bananas, cocoa, corn, naranjilla, sugarcane, coffee, etc..

It is a beautiful city in the center of the population, divided by the river Tena. Economically active population is engaged in agricultural activities and livestock. Also in the city are concentrated provincial government, in which there is good economic activity is to reverberations in the installation of different types of trade as shops, warehouses, restaurants, hotel, etc. Another remarkable economic center is very striking Misahuallí Rainforest by attracting domestic and foreign tourists.

By municipal ordinance adopted its Spanish founding date of the November 15, 1560 and is located southwest of the province. The constant humidity and rain almost all year, the maximum rainfall occurs in the foothills of the mountains where the masses are condensed vapor that the wind brings from the Amazon.

Ecotourism is an important economic activity in the canton. There is a tourist infrastructure that progresses slowly. Tena has several hotels as well as Puerto Misahualli which has become a tourist destination worldwide.

The city of Tena is surrounded by lower elevations as the Pasourco, Pullurco, Chiuta, Tamburo, Itaurco, etc.

Tena has a diversity of natural attractions such as San Jacinto is at the height of the bridge over the river Misahuallí, on the road Tena - Archidona. Ichurco Waterfall in the jurisdiction of Talag is part of a group of attractive stand a lick logales Count of parrots and natural spa pool. We can not forget Pimpilala waterfall, on the road Salcedo Tena, Cans or via Misahual.

Also in the city of Tena can perform various activities such as jungle tours, extreme sports: rafting, kayaking, tubing, canyoning, trekking, cultural events such as: Quechua music, dance, shamanism, visit to the petroglyphs, bird watching, typical foods among others.

In the city of Tena tourists can learn about the history and traditions of ethnic Quichua and Huaorani.

Tena Ecuador


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