Santo Domingo Ecuador, Tsachilas Communities

The are an ethnic group Tsachilas distributed, located in western Ecuador in the province of Santo Domingos de Tsáchilas. Characterised by their dress, language (Tsafiqui), tradition, customs and rituals legendary. They are known as "Colorado" because of his habit of painting themselves red with achiote and body hair.

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  • City:Santo Domingo
  • Sector:South
  • Address:133 km. west of Quito
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of Tsachilas Communities

Tsachilas Communities, is one of the major attractions that have Santo Domingo. It is one of the few pre-Inca ethnic that remains pure because of the isolation in which they have lived for years.

Tsachila means real people and are organized in eight communities:

Commune Chiguilpe: Located seven miles. Vía Quevedo, entering from the left margin. Wapilu Sector (Tsachila Ethnographic Museum) Tsachila Earth.

Commune Otong Mapali:Located seven kilometers from the left margin over 15km from the city of Santo Domingo.

Commune Peripa:Located 6km. Quevedo Way of 9km road right margin over Puerto Limon.

Commune Poste: It is located 4km. Quevedo road over 13km right margin.

Commune El Búa:Located 2km. Quininde road over 15km right margin.

Commune El Congoma:Located 14km road over 12km Quevedo right margin.

Filomena Tahuasa:18 km. the Way to Puerto Limon on the km6 entry. Via De Quevedo.

Comuna Naranjos:Located to 26km. the Via Chone and bordering with the province of Manabi.

Tsachila community since its inception has been considered a culture Due to the existence of their language which has survived through time by teaching parents to children. That is, there are no characters to form a Tsa'fique alphabet which accompanies the dialect.

Also have a sengunda Tsachila language is Castilian, due to the proximity to the city and the continuing ethnic relations to be maintained with the Hispanic-speaking population.

Their clothing has changed. Before they used to carry the bare-chested, but with the introduction mestizo now cover it.

The Community Táschila Kasama held each year, which is the beginning of a new day or New Year. It is one big party which was attended by all members of other communes Tsáchilas to reconnect with their roots, to greet their families.

The Tsachilas has become a major tourist attraction in the surrounding communities can enjoy hiking and admire the natural landscape.

Santo Domingo Ecuador, Tsachilas Communities


Map Tsachilas Communities, Santo Domingo Ecuador

Map of Tsachilas Communities, Santo Domingo Ecuador



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