San Francisco Church, Quito

It is the best example, because of its historical significance as for its beauty and architecture of the sixteenth century. Located in the historical center of Quito, on display at its main altar original sculpture of the Virgin of Quito, made by Bernardo de Legarda, whose gigantic replica is observed on the slope of the Bun. He built over 150 years through various forms of mixed styles to give birth to a jewel of American architecture.

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  • City: Quito
  • Sector:Historical Center
  • Dirección:Cuenca 477 and Sucre
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Friday 9:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:2.00 USD



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Information of San Francisco Church

The Catholic church, one of the largest colonial architectural complex, construction began around 1550 and was founded on 6 December the same year as San Francisco de Quito by Sebastian de Benalcázar. Its symmetrical facade, white walls, dominated by its twin bell towers and its beautiful portico carved in stone, make this the most beautiful temple complex in Latin America.

Its symmetrical facade, white walls, dominated by its twin bell towers and its beautiful portico carved in stone, make this the most beautiful temple complex in Latin America. This architectural complex was built by Cantuña. Legend has it that he had promised to build the porch of the church in the short term of one year, as time was running and had completed his work, Cantuña was desperate. He came to San Francisco to pray for help, but the saint did not seem to listen and when there was a few hours to the expiration of the term, he made a pact with the devil, surrendering his soul in exchange for ending the Church. The devil, anxious to receive the soul of Cantuña, helped him to complete this monumental work with armies of demons. Once the work is finished, he demanded Cantuña deliver his soul. Insisted Cantuña first to review the work of the devil and the check was missing a stone, managed to save his soul, thanks to the unfinished work of the devil.

It has great architectural value, in its interior, the altar is dominated by a large altarpiece covered with gold leaf, the main elements are the sculptures of the Virgin of Quito Jesús del Gran Poder, both from the Quito School of the colony .

In the chorus, Moorish decor, original from the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, is completely preserved, because the central nave was shattered by an earthquake and was replaced by a Baroque coffered ceiling in 1770.

The two aisles of the church are filled with statues of saints placed in altarpieces covered with gold leaf, with hundreds of faithful who kneel to beg every day miraculous intercessions.

The complex is completed by the convent, highlighting the architectural beauty of the main cloister, arranged around the huge yard and two superimposed galleries featuring works by Nazareno del Gran Poder, full length made in the seventeenth century by Father Carlos following Seville namesake model. Like the two churches of the city, is full of works of art because it was the center Quito's most famous sculptures and paintings of Spanish America.

San Francisco Church Quito


Map San Francisco Church, Quito Ecuador

Map of San Francisco Church, Quito Ecuador



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