San Francisco Convent Museum, Quito

It is the largest architectural complex between the historic centers in Latin America. It consists of the square, the main church, the chapel of San Buenaventura, Cantuña Chapel and the Convent of seven yards. San Francisco Museum was built in 1546 and was declared a minor Basilica by Pope John XXIII in the year 1963. It is the oldest monastery, the biggest and most interesting of Ecuador for its artistic content and its historical role.

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  • City: Quito
  • Sector:Historic Center
  • Dirección: Garcia Moreno E1-47 y Rocafuerte
  • Schedule of attention Tuesday to Sunday 9:00 a 16:00
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD



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Information of Convento San Francisco Museum

San Francisco occupies three and a half hectares, located in the center of the square of its name, with the grand facade of the cathedral Mannerist. In its main altar shows the sculpture of the Virgen de Quito, made by Bernardo de Legarda, whose gigantic replica is observed in the Muffin Loma.

Within its walls you can find around 400 pieces of seventeenth and eighteenth centuries make up the religious art exhibit on display in the corridors of the convent where the museum since 1993 works Franciscan friar Pedro Gocial.  

The Franciscan Museum is located across the second coming in the main cloister, contains treasures of art, accumulated over the centuries of life in the convent. In the midst of so many wonders there are 6 rooms that stand out for their historical value:

Zaguan.- In the past, served to give mass and main entrance to the convent, built on 4 October L605. On the façade protects two iron gates worked by Francisco Cantuña.

Claustro Principal.-   Once the seventeenth century. Very wide, consists of four galleries divided into two floors. It has a total of 104 Tuscan stone columns linked by arches. In the center is the pile of stone and alabaster, the first city water supplied in the seventeenth century

Salas de exposición.-In the first two rooms are shown representative works of the origins of painting and sculpture in the city of Quito.

Claustro del Museo.- The name of the cloister of the museum is given in this century, at the conclusion of the fourth centenary of the founding of the city of San Francisco de Quito. It consists of elegant pillars and cornices of stone and mortar that surround the courtyard that once a public cemetery.

Salas de exposición.- Pursuant to the gallery spaces of the west wing low, there are presented the following works: five paintings from the series of the Life of San Francisco, on the roof look decorative wall painting of the eighteenth century The prize of the Royal Foundation of Toledo and the paintings in the series of Christian Doctrine of Miguel de Santiago.

El coro.- Sacred to the prayer of the Franciscans during their convent life, dating from the late sixteenth century and originally was occupied by 81 seats distributed in corals and other high low chairs, attributed to Fray Francisco Benitez.

In the museum there is a collection of 22 paintings of XVIII century marble and many other craft exhibitions. We can also discover about ancient paintings of the Quito School, works of Miguel de Santiago, Goribar, Rodriguez and Mejia.

Quito, Museo Convento San Francisco


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Quito, Museo Convento San Francisco



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