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Salinas Ecuador, Salinas Siglo XXI Museum

The Salinas Siglo XXI Museum is located in the canton Salinas is known as "The Museum of the Great Peninsula", has an interesting archaeological collection, naval weapons and a section of temporary exhibitions. Its rooms exhibit major ceramic traditions of the Ecuadorian coast. Here you can see objects from maritime activity, remains found in boats and replicas of coins from the galleon La Capitana.

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  • City: Salinas
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Ave. Malecon and Guayas y Quil
  • Schedule of attention:Wednesday to Saturday 10:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD



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Information of Salinas Siglo XXI Museum

The Salinas Siglo XXI Museum rests on an ancient archeological site Guancavilca, human group of great sailors who plowed the American Pacific waters from northern Ecuador to Mexico to the north coast of Peru to the south. Here you can find an open area of the excavations, which helps visitors to learn more about pre-Columbian history.

The Salinas Siglo XXI Museum is a living archaeological features a temporary exhibition hall, a lounge and a naval parade, form the cultural component of the Museum.

Archaeology hall: Here is synthesized pre-Hispanic culture, dominated the pottery tradition of the cultures of the Formative as Valdivia, Chorrera and Engoroy, those of Regional Development and Jambelí period and Guangala and integration period, the Guancavilca.

Naval hall: inside displays a model of a raft-Guancavilca Mante√Īa reproduced according to the description of Samano, 1526. The maintain-Guancavilcas large rafts carried in their black color bowls, hands and stone metate for grinding grains, spherical stone weights for nets and pointed to the divers which also served to loosen the shells hit and stuck to Spondylus rocks, copper objects such as axes and hatchets handle coins and Spondylus shell beads, round and rectangular shapes that were marketed along with the copper material, in Mexico and Peru, is evidence of the last thousand years navigation in our country.

Other room features remains of assets recovered in shipwrecks off the coast of Ecuador in the seventeenth century. A model that reproduces the galleon Jesus Maria of the Immaculate Conception also known as 'The Captain' takes us back to colonial times and display cabinets have rescued him said galleon that ran aground in 1654 off the coast of Chanduy.

In addition, a parade ground used by the Navy of Ecuador in the defense of the coastal region. Those involved in making parts that houses this museum were Javier Veliz and Franklin Resources.

Salinas Ecuador, Museo Salinas Siglo XXI


Map Salinas Siglo XXI Museum, Salinas Ecuador

Map of Salinas Siglo XXI Museum, Salinas Ecuador



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