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Salinas Ecuador, La Chocolatera

La Chocolate is the most salient point of South America in the Pacific, located inside the Naval Base of Salinas, in the province of Santa Elena, 163 kilometers from the city of Guayaquil. The Chocolate converging currents, which lift the sandy bottom and give the chocolate brown of the sea, hence arises the name. It offers a unique, colorful, and here combines two ocean currents that cause a crash of waves against the rocks and waters are passed by the intense sunlight, creating multiple rainbows.

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  • City: Salinas
  • Sector:West
  • Address:Naval Base of Salinas
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Informarion of La Chocolatera

La Chocolatera, is one of the most visited places in the province of Santa Elena, where converging flows, which raise the sandy bottom and give the chocolate brown sea, hence its name was born.

The warm and sunny tropical climate, fascinating sandy beach, the diversity of recreational and sport activities, entertaining nightlife and Playa Chipipe make one of the main destinations of Salinas Canton.

En la Chocolatera there is a colony of 20 sea lions, located in Punta near the surfing area, they seem to have migrated from the southern coast of Peru.

Also La Chocolate boasts of being a paradise for lovers of diving, because here you can experience hundreds of tropical fish.

La Chocolatera is located in an untouched area of southern Santa Elena described as ideal natural environment for eco tourism. It is of medium grain black sand and cinder. Windy beach with strong waves, it measures just under a mile and maintains an average width of 30 meters. Care should be taken to bathe in it by the force of the sea in the area.

It is the perfect place to practice various sports such as sailing, jet skiing, surfing, birding, swimming and most fantastic from June to September you can see humpback whales.

On the beach La Chocolate boardwalks are made which are a great option for fun in the months of June to September, to watch the humpback whales come every year from Antarctica to Ecuador's territorial waters, for their mating and have their offspring.

No doubt the chocolate is always packed with lots of domestic and foreign tourists looking to enjoy adventure sports, then enjoy a delicious variety of seafood.

Salinas Ecuador, La Chocolatera


Map La Chocolatera, Salinas Ecuador

Mapa of La Chocolatera, Salinas Ecuador



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