Quito Ecuador, El Sagrario Church

El Sagrario Church belongs to the Cathedral, built during the XVII and XVIII. Located in the Historic Center of Quito, was one of the largest architectural bastions of Quito in colonial times. Its construction is of Italian Renaissance style, built in the late seventeenth century, has finished sculptures and decorations that characterizes it.

Data of interest

  • City: Quito
  • Sector:Historical Center
  • Address:L. Plaza and Germanio S.
  • Schedule:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:-



Information of El Sagrario church

El Sagrario Church is included in the First Book of Cadastre distributed among the founders of the town of Quito. Construction was completed in 1617, thanks to the financial contribution of the Brotherhood of Blessed Sacrament. The architect José Jaime Ortiz on November 4, 1694, signed the contract for the construction of the church.

Its facades are interesting murals in the dome and the baroque partition Legarda, the two works are from the mid eighteenth century. For the construction of the temple was necessary to channel the stream of Tejar and fill the deep bed. This and the fact that both its north side, as in the east, the Cathedral was built, forcing the development of a Latin cross plan with a short nave. As the Company has a large dome on a drum that covers the cruise, a barrel vault in the nave and transept, and capulines on the side chapels.

The pillars pillars, walls, arches and domes of the church are built of stones and bricks, the whole surface of the bearing fifth wheel cover is glazed. Its facade is classical European Renaissance style.

Iglesia El Sagrario


Map El Sagrario Church, Quito Ecuador

Map of El Sagrario church, Quito Ecuador


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