Quito Ecuador, Pucara Rumicucho

It is a prehispanic fortress, located in San Antonio de Pichincha, 22km from the city of Quito and only minutes from the Middle of the World City, is a very common Indian building in the Andes of South America. Comprised of about 380 m. long and 75 wide. The Inca ruins are located in small longitudinal elevation, through which the equator and solar observatory was the pre-Incan societies.

Data of interest

  • City:Quito
  • Sector:San Antonio de Pichincha
  • Address:Manuel L. and Antonio Ante
  • Schedule:Monday to Sunday
  • Cost of revenue:-



Information of Pucara Rumicucho

The ruins of Inca Rumicucho cover the period of the fifteenth century, pre-Inca construction at the site were established for military purposes. This site also performed ceremonies and worship the Inca sun god

In this area you can take a broad view of the Cerro de La Marca and Cayambe, elevations that form a horizontal line in an east-west traverses exactly where the sun during the equinox.

The fortress is 600 meters long and 135 meters wide and 25 meters high. It consists of five terraced pyramid-shaped stone. Built with archaeological materials such as andesite stone, mortar and gravel ground pumice reveal Inka. It is believed that the inhabitants of this area dedicated to weaving, as they have found hundreds of tools produced in bone mainly textiles flames.

The 1976 Central Bank of Ecuador took control of Rumicucho, since the ruins were in danger of disappearing. Since then the research and restoration allowed to rescue a ruins. Currently, Pucara has modern tourist facilities.

Quito, Pucara Rumicucho


Map Ruins of Pucara Rumicucho, Quito Ecuador

Map of Ruins of Pucara Rumicucho, Quito Ecuador


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