Puyo Ecuador, Zoocriadero of Fatima

The Zoocriadero of Fatima is an animal rescue center on 28 acres, located 8 kilometers Puyo-Tena road. Research is a property of the Organization of Indigenous Peoples of Pastaza (OPIP), to rescue, to domesticate and breed wild animals of different species. Here you can see capybaras, caimans, monkeys, macaws, tapirs and other animals. Besides being one of the attractions of the city of Puyo, the main objectives of this center are: research, training and environmental education.

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  • City:Puyo
  • Sector:South
  • Address: 8 kilometre in the via Puyo-Tena
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
  • Cost of revenue:2 USD



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Information of Fatima Zoocriadero

The Fatima Zoocriadero has an area of 28 hectares, is working on forest recovery and today remains a secondary forest, with the presence of plant species for this type of the Ecuadorian Amazon.

In the animal breeding center are played in conditions similar to their natural habitat to achieve an expansion of new species of mammals and birds in the consumer market for meat from them.

Also offers lodging, classroom training and technical advice and mentoring is needed to carry out any research project on environmental concerns and protection of fauna and flora.

The Fatima Zoocriadero houses animals that are captured, to perform the same traffic, which are attended and keep them recover, and we find are the tapir, capybara, collared peccary, agoutis, guatines, squirrel monkeys and tamarins. Also birds like parrot, macaw, reptiles: boa constrictors, alligators, turtles charapa, land turtle and molluscs.

As for the secondary forest flora has a large variety of families of plants native to the Amazon as bombáceas, bignonáceas, Asteraceae, cecropias, Tiliaceae, Melastomataceae, in certain sectors dominated pollalesta zoocriadero discolor, Colca, guabilla, guava, guarumo, among others.

The Fatima Zoocriadero welcomes domestic and foreign tourists who wish to publicize its activities and support the center in developing their projects. This is an open knowledge center for research and scientific development.

Puyo Ecuador, Zoocriadero of Fatima


Map Fatima Zoocriadero, Puyo Ecuador

Map of Fatima Zoocriadero, Puyo Ecuador



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