Cuenca Ecuador, Pumapungo Archaeological Park

Pumapungo is an archaeological park, located in the historic center of the city of Cuenca, built in the late fifteenth century. Inside were the Temple of the Sun and the Convent of the Virgins of the Sun, which were part of one of the most imposing and beautiful cities of the ancient Inca empire, which had Tomebamba buildings dedicated to political use, administrative and religious.

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  • Address:Larga an Huayna-Capac
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Information of Pumapungo Archaeological Park

The ruins of Pumapungo, is the largest ensemble of archaeological Incas Ingapirca south. It represents a recognition of the values of the Inka Kanari or that have left a lasting imprint of their identity in the city of Cuenca and its surroundings.

Tomebamba City was destroyed before the Spanish arrived in the time of Atahualpa and Huascar, who used stones from the temples and buildings for their churches and homes. It was founded by Tupac Yupanqui after the victory won over the Canaris. The city was regarded as the birthplace of the son Huayna Capac and therefore, a sacred space in which they rose majestic temples and palaces.

In 1981 the Central Bank of Ecuador acquired the land where the ruins are located and starts a recovery process Pumapungo. After a long time to restore the ruins are constituted as an ethnobotanist Archaeological Park, where you can find the foundations of the barracks and buildings that were part of the city of Tomebamba. In addition it can be seen almost ten thousand four hundred species of plants, many native birds of Ecuador who have been rescued and totemic animals of the Canari and Inca cultures.

Pumapungo Archaeological Park has the support of UNESCO and serves the community. The ruins are made up of terraces where crops are grown related to sun worship and spiritual ascension represented the Incas.

In the bottom of Pumapungo can see the entrance to a tunnel more than a hundred feet long and served as a mausoleum to symbolize the underworld, home of the wacas and the spirits of the ancestors. Also you can see structures that make up a large irrigation canal and a ritual bath that was used for the purification of the body.

Cuenca, Pumapungo Archaeological Park


Map Pumapungo Archaeological Park, Cuenca Ecuador

Map of Pumapungo Archaeological Park, Cuenca Ecuador



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