Portoviejo Ecuador, Cathedral Jesus del Buen Pastor

The Cathedral Jesus del Buen Pastor, a sign of cultural diversity in the Manabi province. Located in the city of Portoviejo, facing Parque Eloy Alfaro, is of great importance for the rich historical and cultural. It is a modern building of historical forms a vault, the aisles, arches formed an arch and vault in the nave.

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  • City:Portoviejo
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Ave. Universitaria and Olmedo
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Information of Catedral Jesus del Buen Pastor

Portoviejo Cathedral dates from 1624, has an area of 3774 m². Its construction began in 1956 and was completed with the help of the German bishops.

It was opened in 1980 and is regarded as a marvelous work and architecture, and its drive for completion Monsignor Luis Alfredo Carvajal Rosales, former bishop of Portoviejo.  

Built with modern architectural techniques, combining several styles such as Romanesque, Russian domes or even the Middle East, inside you can see beautiful mosaics that talk about life, passion and death of Jesus in harmony with the essence of our Indian cholos, mestizos and people who are part of our history.

The facade of the cathedral was made of concrete, metal, marble, acrylic stained glass windows, granite tiles, decorative stones, mosaic murals, tiles, bronze.

It consists a set of two Lantern cuputin and surrounded by arched windows. A stained glass rose window with acrylic and three doors, two sides and a central shaft archivolts lateral columns grooved drums, brass bells chime.

In the vicinity of the Cathedral is the Odeon Theatre, which annually holds the International Theatre Festival of the Flower of September, which brings together the most select audience Portovejense and sacred space dedicated to the repose of the souls whose once physical remains consumed by the time they are deposited in a clay pot.

The interior of the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd Jesus is of great beauty that preserves art objects.

Portoviejo Ecuador, Cathedral Jesus del Buen Pastor


Map Cathedral Jesus del Buen Pastor, Portoviejo Ecuador

Map of Cathedral Jesus del Buen Pastor Portoviejo



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