Portoviejo Ecuador, Botanical Garden

The Botanical Gardens, contributes to the preservation of the environment through scientific research of flora and fauna Manabi. Located in the city of Portoviejo, promotes the conservation of nature through the protection of natural and artificial ecosystems, creating spaces and tourism through recreation, education, training and national and international meetings.

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  • City:Portoviejo
  • Sector:Northwest
  • Address:Ave. Urbina and Che Guevara
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 8:00 to 18:00
  • Cost of revenue:1 USD



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Information of Botanical Garden

Portoviejo Botanical Garden has a reserve area of 40 hectares, is aimed at the collection of living plants, maintain a reserve area that contributes to the preservation of the environment.

In this area we will find trails technically designed to provide various facilities to tourists and students visiting the Botanical Gardens, led by a cool and humid, typical of the forest, different heat and noise of the city.

The ideal construction of the Botanical Garden grew out of a student at the Technical University Manabi in the year 1991. All students of the college of agriculture participated in the forestation of the land available to the university.

In order to give continuity to this initiative, Mr. Jhonny Muente Mora meets with the leaders of the university, to develop a proposal to create a botanical garden and reserve area in 1992.

In 1994 the Botanical Garden continues to grow sections including: fruit and Latin section foliate introduced, besides forming streets and footpaths, as well as collecting seeds of forest trees, fruit, medicinal, and ornamental.

The Botanical Garden took shape in 1995, becoming an alternative for the year Mandatory Technical and rural students graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture, to be a major contribution to the development.

The Botanical Garden, is distributed by areas or segments: nursery area, area of introduced trees, an area of palm trees, Cactaceae areas, tropical rain forest area, area of recovered animals, campground and the area of dry forest.

The tour made several stops, where the guides made a brief talk on environmental protection, ozone layer, the proper disposal of waste, etc..

The greenery and colorful flowers, the sound of running water and animals gives a lovely touch of paradise and tranquility, making the Botanical Garden in the favorite place for living of families and the distraction of students.

Portoviejo Ecuador, Jardín Botánico


Mapa del Jardín Botánico, Portoviejo Ecuador

Mapa del Jardín Botánico de Portoviejo



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