Otavalo Ecuador, San Luis Church

The San Luis Church is located in Central Park Otavalo, surrounded by traditional and modern buildings. It was the first primitive chapel in the city. Between 1676 and 1679 was transformed into a temple of simple architecture, with a single ship built of lime and brick. In the year 1868 was destroyed by the earthquake of 1880, Ibarra and start its restoration and was completed 10 years later.

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  • City:Otavalo
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Garcia Moreno and Juan Montalvo
  • Schedule of attentionMonday to Sunday 7:00 to 19:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



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Information of San Luis Church

The current sanctuary of San Luis is an octagonal tower, consists of a single basic shape of three ships that top gracefully in a dome crowned with a cupola of eight windows, which is aimed a cross of iron.

The church has a Renaissance style, the main altarpiece is Baroque master, guarded by the statue of the Virgin Dolorosa and the Apostle John. It was a gift from King Philip II of Spain. The altar is decorated in gold pan built in 1869.

Inside you can see beautiful hand-carved images in the Church of San Luis is revered the Lord of the anguish that is regarded as the patron of Otavalo. Each year in May the town of Otavalo is involved in activities in homage to the image.

You can also find other images as San Luis Obispo, Our Lady of Perpetual Help who are in the main altar and the series of apostles attributed to Rafael Salas.

The image of Lord of Anguish is the most important temple, dates from 1737 and was carved by artisans of the Quito School, so that many attribute to Sangurima or his disciples. This set was donated by King Philip II of Spain as a reward for the abundant revenues that sent the owners of the mills of the village of Otavalo.

In the San Luis Church can visit the Museum of Sacred Art, which exhibits in its interior material of historical and religious. It is considered the most important cultural event.

Otavalo, San Luis Church


Map San Luis Church, Otavalo Ecuador

Map fo San Luis Church, Otavalo Ecuador



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