Otavalo Ecuador, Plaza de Ponchos

Just 96 km north of Quito, surrounded by mountains, lakes, crops of corn, a magical environment full of color and beauty, emerged as the main tourist attraction of Otavalo, the world famous Indian Market or "Plaza de los Ponchos . Every Saturday at dawn, the men are coming to the Plaza del Poncho with white pants and her long braids, and women in embroidered blouses, skirt, shawl, blue, golden necklaces and bracelets made of red beads, and begin to accommodate each position the handmade sweaters, looms, embroidered blouses, the murals of mountain landscapes, vicuna rugs, the leather and wood trim.

Data of interest

  • City:Otavalo
  • Sector:Center
  • Address:Sucre and Salinas
  • Schedule:Monday to Sunday 7:00 to 19:00
  • Cost of revenue:Free



Information of the Plaza de Ponchos


The Plaza de Ponchos is located in the middle of the lively and picturesque town of Otavalo, where you walk among thousands of tapestries, ponchos, jackets thick hand woven wool, hats, gloves, scarves, embroidered blouses, the famous belts that are used as belts by the Indians, sandals, shigras, dresses, scarves and more.

Other crafts are also working together to fill and color are the necklaces of beads, also pledge of Otavalo indigenous ", the figures of balsa wood, wood carvings, pottery, jewelry and paintings. There are also crafts from other regions of Ecuador and the Andean countries.

To see all the color of the fair, it's best to arrive at 6 in the morning and witness the spectacle of the animal market. At 7 it's time to go to the Plaza del Poncho, selling from the thick wool blue ponchos used by Otavalo, to magical remedies against jealousy and guinea pig meat delicacies. The exhibition lasts until the sun sets, with a lovely background sound made by the hum of weaving machines, Andean folk music and women speaking in Quechua.

Around the square you can find a wide variety of hotels and restaurants where you can enjoy the hospitality and taste of their dishes. You can also find many souvenir shops that serve every day of the week, and on Saturday a special day in Otavalo.

Otavalo, Plaza de los Ponchos


Map Plaza de Ponchos, Otavalo Ecuador

Map Plaza de Ponchos, Otavalo Ecuador


Activities and Sites of interest in Otavalo

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