Otavalo Ecuador, Cotacachi

Cotacachi is located in the northern sector of Ecuador, in the province of Imbabura, between the cities of Ibarra and Otavalo. It is a multiethnic and multicultural people, with an area of 1809 square kilometers and a population of 41 115 inhabitants. In addition, Cotacachi is known for its leather goods and wool.

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  • City:Otavalo
  • Sector:North
  • Address:14 km. Otavalo City
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Information of Cotacachin

The town of Cotacachi was founded in 1861. It is now known for its large agricultural production, especially export flowers and dairy. Cotacachi offers its visitors various attractions including Cuichoca Lagoon, which is located at the foot of Cotacachi Volcano, the same has a height of 4944 meters above sea level and is within the Ecological Reserve Cotacachi - Cayapas. This reserve has its entrance from the town of Cotacachi and has 403 103 hectares of lush vegetation.

Cotacachi is the musical capital of Imbabura, the public, expressing his people by the music called etymologically as "Castle of Light." The city welcomes you with the great sculpture of the sun that opens the door of this cozy town of friendly people, and hardworking.

In the vicinity of the city will find a wide variety of shops with top quality leather, such as wallets, purses, belts, bags, shoes, clothes, and others sold in the stores of the city and abroad.

Cayapas Cotacachi Ecological Reserve

Considered one of the most important protected areas in the western Andes of Ecuador, due to its high biodiversity. It was created on August 28, 1968 and is located 12 km from Cotacachi between the provinces of Imbabura and Esmeraldas, has an area of 204 420 hectares and there are endemic species of the natural province of Choco.

The Reserve consists of two areas, low and high. Its vegetation is characterized by the presence of hardwood trees such as mahogany, lignum vitae, oak and balsa. With regard to fauna faunaEntre can find the condor, pumas, deer, jaguars and ocelots, and others that are in danger of extinction.

In the surroundings of the Ecological Reserve Cotacachi - Cayapas Yanahurco find the dormant volcano, Mount Cotacachi and the volcano Cuicocha. The lake with two islands Cuicocha is one of the strongest scenic attractions in the area.

The landscape provides a distinct variety: from lakes and flowing rivers with rapids and waterfalls. The area also includes the ethnic groups and Chachis afroesmeraldeños. Here tours are conducted under the supervision of a guide, covering the same low and high areas in a period of eight days.

Otavalo, Cotacachi


Map Cotacachi, Otavalo Ecuador

Map of Cotacachi, Otavalo Ecuador



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