Nueva Loja Ecuador, Limoncocha Biological Reserve

Limoncocha Biological Reserve is located on the left bank of the Napo River in the province of Sucumbios, Limoncocha parish, 42 km from Nueva Loja, 60 km from Francisco de Orellana. In the reserve landscape structure has several vegetation formations in which is a large variety of animal species in the Amazon Region. It has primary and secondary forests. Birds are one of its greatest assets, with about 350 species, as well as reptiles and mammals. It is known to be the place of black alligator habitat.

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  • City:Nueva Loja
  • Sector:Northeast
  • Address: 42 km of Nueva Loja
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
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Information of Limoncocha Biological Reserve

Limoncocha Biological Reserve ecosystem is of great importance and one of the most beautiful locations in Ecuador, especially here are species of flora and fauna of great scientific interest.

It was declared a protected area on September 23, 1985, has a flood plain populated 4,613,25 hectares of tropical forest, an average temperature of 24.9 degrees centigrade and rainfall of 3058 mm. per year. This consists of the lagoon Limoncocha and adjacent areas. 88% of the surface is of primary and secondary forests, the remaining 12%, is covered by scrub permanently flooded swamp.

The reserve has 73 mammal species, equivalent to 38.2% of the total recorded in the Ecuadorian Amazon and 20.2% of total species recorded in Ecuador. It also has a most representative groups are frugivores and herbivores, amounting to 58.1% of all recorded species, omnivores, to 17.6%, carnivores are registered three and reach 4.1%.

The most common species that can be seen in the Book Limoncocha are: the night monkey, yellow and red macaw, heron, anhinga, howler monkey, hawk, coyote, x, agouti, chicken blue, mountain quail, dove, alligator, jaguar , among others.

Limoncocha Biological Reserve in your area has several aquatic environments, permanent swamps, varzea and the mainland. As for the vegetation species are similar to those in neighboring areas of Cuyabeno and Yasuni.

In the secondary forest trees are highly prized by timber merchants, along with a pioneer species that is surrounded by birds and monkeys, sloths when in flower. This area is dominated by a species of palm known as chontilla and associated with it, the macrolobio.

Limoncocha Biological Reserve has one of the most extraordinary natural attractions in its lagoon, which covers an area of approximately 370 hectares. of water surface, and is the ideal place to observe birds that inhabit large areas of primary forest.

Nueva Loja Ecuador, Limoncocha Biological Reserve


Mapa de la Reserva Biológica Limoncocha, Nueva Loja Ecuador

Mapa de la Reserva Biológica Limoncocha



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