Mindo Ecuador

Mindo is a paradise for those who enjoy bird watching, known as one of the places of greatest diversity of birds and butterflies in the world. The most common birds are: partridge, osprey, cock of the rock, umbrella bird, bird, sun, guan, Yumbo, rolled-billed toucan, toucan hit, peak arasarí pale club-winged manakin, urraquita, tango with purple cloak, Chlorophonia, shiny green tanager, parrots, owls screaming. Mindo is also the best place for growing varieties of plants such as fermis, orchids, bromeliads, lichens, mosses, musk and large trees like the dragon's blood, the teak, breadfruit, palms and more. Mindo is a perfect area for adventure sports, horse riding, mountain biking, tubing, rafting, etc.

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  • City: Quito
  • Sector:Northwest of Quito
  • Address:Calacali-Nanegalito- Los Bancos
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Information of Middle of the World City

Located on the western flanks of the ridge a few hundred kilometers from Quito, Mindo-Nambillo reserve is one of the birding sites most important in Latin America. Humid subtropical forests, pastures, secondary forests and cloud forests are the ecosystems that we find in this book, allowing a very wide observation of butterflies, amphibians, insects and birds.

The Forest Mindo - Nambillo, has an altitude of between 1,700 and 1,400 meters. Very close to crossing the equator, this is the reason why you have lots of flora and fauna.

The journey of about two hours drive to Mindo, really worth it especially if one considers the virgin cloud forest, rich in regard to varieties of birds and the beautiful natural resorts in the creeks around. The existing rivers and waterfalls allow enjoyment of the landscape and practice some water sports.

Waterfall Nambillo

The crystalline water Nambillo invite tourists to receive a dip slide down the slide of more than 15 meters. You can also make leaps of 4 m to 12 m for those who like high-risk sports. Here there are two natural pools for the little ones can enjoy the area safely. This waterfall is formed when the river rushing Nambilllo and is a natural resort especially popular for water sports such as rafting, swimming, hiking and picnic, making fun distraction and visitors.

Mindo River

Mindo River runs down the western slope of the Andes and is the main attraction in the area, surrounded by forests that extend to the large ecological reserve Mindo - Nambillo, the same that hosts a variety of orchids, more than 1500 species birds, exotic butterflies, amphibians and reptiles. The climate for rafting, swimming or simply bathing in the cool waters of the waterfall.


The Mindo butterfly has a wide variety of colorful species, which can recognize the growth process of the butterflies and you can even feed them. Based on the investigations has identified over 40 species, but all they can be reproduced in captivity.


Orchids are part of the largest family of the plant kingdom as of 10 species of plants in the orchid world one is in 4 plants in Ecuador an orchid is our country has 4200 species of orchids and about 30,000 to 35,000 species worldwide.

Orchids grow on trees, on rocky lava flows in the crags and ravines on the slopes of the road and more than 400 species, on the floor of forests and native grasslands.

The orchid Mindo admire the beauty, delicacy, color and aroma of these exotic flowers.

Mindo Ecuador


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Mindo Ecuador



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