Manta Ecuador, Plata Island

The Plata Island is the main attraction Machalilla National Park, located 40 kilometers off the coast of Puerto Lopez, south of the province of Manabi. It is accessible from Puerto Cayo, Puerto López and Montecristi. Its fame goes back because of some nesting seabirds found in the Galapagos Islands.

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  • City: Manta
  • Sector:South
  • Address:40 km from Puerto Lopez
  • Schedule of attention:Daily
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Information of Plata Island

Plata Island is surrounded by coral reefs where marine life is varied and exciting, making it the ideal place for those who enjoy the underwater life.

The island has two routes or hiking trails, both with spectacular views, where you can find interesting colonies of blue footed boobies, masked boobies, frigate birds and albatrosses. There are also different colors fish, whales between July and November, dolphins and sea lions.

It has a desert climate in which plant species have adapted.

The Plata Island became the name for the silver seen in the distance, which is caused by the abundance of guano which covers the site. It was discovered in 1526 by Bartolome Ruiz.

The inhabitants of the island, have their name because in the fourteenth century the pirate Francis Drake, hid the treasures of Spanish galleons took and hid them here. According to popular legend, the treasure was never recovered fully and remains hidden in this island.

La Isla de la Plata was explored and investigated in late 1892 by Dorsey, who discovered important objects of the cultures of the Ecuadorian coast, more than silver figurines Incas. The latest studies have uncovered the importance of this area occupied by man, which was used as a port of exploitation and trafficking of poring Spondylus princeps shells, precious ornament for ritual use in the Amerindian peoples.

Plata Island comprises a total of 1200 hectares, is one of the greatest attractions of Manabi. The unique existence of resident and migratory birds and scenic beauty make this an ideal paradise for ecotourism.

Manta Ecuador, Plata Island


Map Plata Island, Manta Ecuador

Manta Ecuador, Map of Plata Island



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