Machala Ecuador, Petrified Forest Puyango

The Petrified Forest Puyango is a nature reserve, located along the river Puyango River, which divides the provinces of El Oro and Loja, 111 km from the city of Machala and 225 km from the city of Loja. Its principal is fossilized tree trunks that have an approximate age of 100 million years and is the largest collection of petrified wood in the world, the largest specimen is 2 m in diameter and 15 m long.

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  • City:Machala
  • Sector:Southeast
  • Address:111 km from the city of Machala
  • Schedule of attention:Daily 9:00 to 19:00
  • Cost of revenue:1 USD



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Information of Petrified Forest Puyango

The Petrified Forest Puyango is a protected area with an area of 2659 hectares, which includes the tropical dry forest ecosystem. It is an open book to learn about the origins of life, is also an important natural area that contains a high biodiversity in a fragile ecosystem, particularly in western Ecuador.

Puyango other hand, is home to over 130 species of birds, each of which is unique and interesting characteristics.

The Petrified Forest was declared "belonging to the National Treasury" by Executive Decree No. 3819, on January 9, 1987. It formed about 300 million years, probably the largest petrified forest, worldwide, who shares his living with a forest habitat.

The number of petrified logs as contained in a compact area represents one of the largest collections of its kind in the world. The oldest fossils belong to marine organisms., Preserving the outer texture and many of the basic internal features of the living body, but not retain the organic composition.

Puyango extends over an area with altitudes ranging between 360 and 500 meters and an average annual temperature of 25.2 º C. Its value is that it is a relic of tropical dry forest flora and fauna endemic to this vegetation formation.

It contains invaluable fossil samples, together with its current tropical dry forest and the high biodiversity of flora and fauna. All these attractions makes it worth to be considered a natural heritage must be preserved. Ideal for lovers of scientific and ecological tourism.

The Petrified Forest Puyango is a place to visit with family, where adults and children learn, expand their knowledge and marvel admiring nature.

Machala Ecuador, Petrified Forest Puyango


Map Petrified Forest Puyango, Machala Ecuador

Map of Petrified Forest Puyango, Machala Ecuador



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